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Tuesday class

March 28, 2006

For the first time in days my stomach is OK, just wish my left knee would start to play ball occassionally.

Have not practiced too much since Friday because of my guts, been trying out various backbend tactics suggested by Yoga Chickie, with some success and hoped this would help to open my stomach.

A few more there than last week, so we did the standing postures and seated up to Navasana before delving in to the new world of second series. I like its emphasis on the backbends, which hopefully will improve my Primary series UD. Urdhva Dhanurasana always strikes me as being a bit isolated in all those forward bends of Primary.

Was adjusted into Pasasana, felt really good much to my surprise, just got to find a way of keeping my heels down.


Friday night.

March 25, 2006

Friday 24th March – Many Happy Returns to Easter our teacher.

Hurray, yippee its 4pm on Friday, have survived another abysmal week working for an off-shoot of the Adams Family, why else are there bats in the car park?, though CB has more in common with Homers boss Mr Burns in the Simpsons than Gomez Adams! Don’t worry, he doesnt do yoga, there’s more chance of a pay rise than him reading this! So zip down to the train station for the 16:13 and off I go to Clapham. I am a creature of habit, getting off an hour later and heading straight to the “OKAY YA” Cafe for a steaming mug of tea, before wandering down to practice.

Wednesday class

March 23, 2006

23rd March 2006 Usually this is a lead Primary series, as we have a few people who have graduated from a beginners course, I like it because there are usually no more than 8 or 9 of us and you get plenty of adjustments. Today was different, only J and myself were there and after the Surya Namaskar’s, as we both know the practice, we just did it Mysore style, so lots of adjustments. Although my left knee is still in none co-operation mode, I got adjusted into Mari D, wow, never thought that would happen in this lifetime! Also managed to come up again with straight legs from Supta Konasana. Backbend is coming along, the advice from Yoga Chickie was really helpful, one day those arms will go straight!

Welcome to my blog

March 22, 2006

Welcome to my blog, it’s the result of scribbled notes and thoughts as the years have passed, which I have wanted to set out in some logical fashion, I condensed most of the early years. I hope my blog will be a record of some kind of my practice development, both in the asanas and in the more meditative and thought provoking parts. Hey here we go. Thanks to Julie for setting me up.