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Slovenia 2

April 27, 2006

Wheres the sun gone, woke up to pouring rain, I would normally enter a question mark, but this keyboard insists on inserting_ć instead. Its cold and wet so went for a 4Km walk to the Vintgar gorge.The whole gorge to myself, despite it being a public holiday, nobody else around, the water cascades through the gorge in spectacular fashion.

I am missing my practice, my legs ache from the walking and stopping me getting to sleep at night, must be some muscles that practice doesnt reach!


Slovenia is my practice

April 26, 2006

My practice has been sadly lacking since last week, as I am on vacation in Slovenia and Croatia.
I have good intentions, but the hotel rooms have not been big enough to accomodate a Surya Namaskar, then theres the temperature, in Zagreb is was over 90F, sightseeing all day, walking miles sapped my energy.

But being absorbed by my surroundings is my practice for this week I have decided, I am enjoying exploring new places with beautiful scenery such as today at Lake Bled with its lovely lake and castle on the hill. I am balanced and happy and thats good enough for me

Workshop day

April 17, 2006

I did a lot of self-practice at home over Saturday and Sunday as well as avoiding too many of those nice chokky eggs which always seem to be to hand at this time of year, so that I would be hopefully open and ready for today’s workshop with Leela Miller. I’m glad I did as it was hard work but very enjoyable. It’s the first time I have had the opportunity to practice with Leela, who has a very down to earth, sensible approach to practice.

Must get on my mat

April 15, 2006

Am sitting in front of my pc, but want to be on my mat. Wednesday is always my day off and Thursday was a moon day, Friday I met my friend AKA The Beetle and we went to the outskirts of London to go geocaching in Wanstead. It was good to walk, we did about 8 miles, and I think it did my hamstring which has been getting progressively tighter a good warming. The morning had been wet but the afternoon saw glorious sunshine and we succeeded in finding 5 caches, before finding a Cafe to enjoy some tea. By the time I got home I was tired and couldnt summon the energy to get on my mat. I think today was a mental yoga of sorts, just enjoying what we were doing and being absorbed by it in the same way I am on my mat.

A good Tuesday

April 12, 2006

Lunchtime got on the phone, and “yes” there was a space for the Leela Miller workshop next Monday, really pleased about that as no practice Good Friday, or Tuesday, or next Friday when I go on vacation, so was desperate to do something good over the weekend. All day workshop should do it.

Tuesday evening practice, was all set for second series, but we ended up doing Primary, which I was secretly glad about. The room we use is in the Town Hall and is carpeted, presume there must be a slope as all the mats seem to head off in the same direction down the room! I think the carpet has something to do with my crap balances, and the way the mat moves on the carpet doesnt seem to help Urdhva Dhanurasana either. I do get to do handstand without the chances of demolishing furniture, this one is really coming along.

Now trying not to wish my life away waiting for the workshop and will have to use all my will power not to eat toooo many chocolate eggs this weekend, as I type I have one in front of me that a supplier gave me this morning, should I just eat it and be done with the temptation? Ummm


April 10, 2006

Had been trying to get around to practising all day, but one thing and another kept getting in the way.Then I happened to be searching for a new yoga mat and came upon the Triyoga website, and found that there’s a workshop on Easter Monday (A public holiday here in the UK) with Leela Miller, all day Ashtanga, now trying to get on it,as its a bit late. Friday is also a holiday here, so no Friday practice to get me through the week. But thoughts of the workshop inspired me to turn off the PC and get on my mat.

No Place for my Openness

April 7, 2006

After an eternally long week slaving for the Adams family and giving travel lectures, not to mention an horrendous train journey of broken signals and delays, to say I was looking forward to tonight’s practice would not do my feelings justice.

The need to practice

April 5, 2006

Since Friday nights practice, I havn’t managed much as I have ended up giving two travel lectures, one on Saturday and one last night and the preparation and work it takes to give a fluent 1 hour lecture is unbelievable, especially as it was actually a subject I know something about! By the time I got home last night, my mind wanted to practice but my body wanted to get under the duvet. I enjoy doing the talks, but I really miss my practice when I havn’t been able to fit it in, I wish I was one fo these people who could get up at 5am, but I just don’t enjoy morning practice as much as I do in the evening, when my body has had all day to get loose, so tonight its back on my mat, just hope I’m not too tight!


April 2, 2006

A strange thing happened today, I actually managed to almost float up into a full handstand, I didn’t touch the wall, I managed to stop carrying on over when my first foot got to the top and I stayed for a couple of seconds! I had to tell somebody.

Eggstra Practice

April 1, 2006

Ok 4pm Friday finally came around, the end of another manic week at work with the Adams Family and the beginning of a manic weekend. Thursday night I got a call asking me to give a talk in Covent Garden on Saturday, luckily I was able to help as I already had a talk prepared for Tuesday, so rushed home to finish it off and burn the disc. So it was a relief Friday night to see the train pull in on time and take me to the best 2 hours of the week.