Must get on my mat

Am sitting in front of my pc, but want to be on my mat. Wednesday is always my day off and Thursday was a moon day, Friday I met my friend AKA The Beetle and we went to the outskirts of London to go geocaching in Wanstead. It was good to walk, we did about 8 miles, and I think it did my hamstring which has been getting progressively tighter a good warming. The morning had been wet but the afternoon saw glorious sunshine and we succeeded in finding 5 caches, before finding a Cafe to enjoy some tea. By the time I got home I was tired and couldnt summon the energy to get on my mat. I think today was a mental yoga of sorts, just enjoying what we were doing and being absorbed by it in the same way I am on my mat.

Today I went geocaching with my parents, who are in their late 60’s, they enjoy it because they like walking and you wouldn’t believe how competitive my mother is when the counter on the gps gets to 100ft to go, she goes from being a 60 something Nanny to a possessed olympic runner! But its good to see her do this after a quad heart bypass 11 years ago nearly took her life. I think quality time with loved ones isa yoga of its own, but I must now have some time for myself and get on my mat.


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