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Be Happy where you are

July 30, 2006

Body clock stil not got the plot, woke at 4.30 and didnt sleep again so gave up and had some chai.

7am our first practice, the room looks out onto the rice fields, but it was surprisingly chilly this morning. We started in a circle introducing ourselves, our practice and any injuries. I couldnt wait to start to start, but only because I wanted to be warm. We are a diverse group from all corners of the world, all at different stages in our practice, so this mornings message was the best it could have been. Be happy where you are with your own practice, it doesnt matter what the person opposite or next you is doing.


Bali at Last!

July 28, 2006

oh am I glad to at last be in Bali. The flight from London was packed, no room to stretch and I had a terrible headache and stomach pain, Singapore did not come quickly enough. Bali just a 2 hour hop from Singapore and the hotel picked me up, so in Ubud by 2pm.

At 2.30 I layed down for a rest and the next thing I knew it was 7pm! Went for a walk to buy some water and explore. Will practice tomorrow, my body is looking forward to opening up again.

I just found Timtams in the supermarket, for about a third of the price we pay in the UK, yum.

I know it’s a Moon day but…

July 25, 2006

Tonight was my last chance for practice until the weekend. I know tomorrow evening after work will be spent packing my stuff ready to go to the retreat in Bali, Thursday will be spent sitting in airports and aeroplanes and Friday no doubt I will be shattered by jet lag and lack of sleep when I arrive in Ubud in the afternoon. I don’t mind flying, I just finding it boring and uncomfortable and I never manage to sleep the way some people do and if I do nod off there’s bound to be a howling child or the brat behind kicking my seat as its mother smiles.

Our usual class was bolstered this evening by those from the beginners class who wanted a challenge, their series of classes finished its term last week. We did 90% of Primary series, which my body needed to do, and despite those dratted fans being there, I had a good practice, though not many adjustments. We also had the room at the back with the wooden floor, the carpets are OK, but I much prefer the stability of my sticky mat actually sticking to the floor. We missed out headstand again which is a pain now that I can do it. Though I doubt DK will neglect it next week.

The weekend

July 23, 2006

Saturday am spent finding out the lightest, thinnest clothes for practice and sightseeing in Bali. The afternoon brings us the much-needed torrential downpour, but it remains humid and sticky.

Practice in the evening up to Navasana and the closing postures, my body is open but tired, but I am glad I practiced.

Dam noisy neighbours have me awake from 2-4am, it’s too hot to shut the windows. Sunday dawns hot and sunny, I take the bus and train into London to meet IH for some geocaching. We set out after a cup of tea and major dissection of her inherited vacuum! First cache is on The Strand, finding clues to the final coordinates. But alas it tuns into an FTF, “Failed to find”. We start another multi and this time a clue has been hidden by scaffolding, grrrrr. Ok third time lucky, Waterloo Bridge we find success, the tiny container magnetized to the railing. On a lovely day like this the bridge provides fantastic views of the city, I love London when its like this. Geocaching is great exercise, you walk miles without realising you have and it’s very educational, we have visited many interesting places in our city via my GPS, many of which we did not know existed.

Last Friday practice for a while

July 22, 2006

Another hot steamy day, no signs of the thunderstorms that were supposed to be heading our way. First train is six minutes late, so think it unlikely I will get the connection, end up buying a full ticket to London. But as we arrive at the connecting station see the Clapham train still sitting there, so dash across the platform and jump on. At least it saves the tube ride in 100f across the city, but have wasted the £6 I paid extra, ho hum.

Slippery crash landing

July 20, 2006

Today was not quite so hot as yesterday, but not so you would notice. I woke at 6.30 and rather than lay there I got on my mat for 40 minutes and did a stiff standing posture practice before breakfast and work, so far so good.

After a long tedious day at work, cannot go into detail, after the Doocing of Petite Anglaise’s blog, walked home in the sweltering heat. 8.30pm once the sun had gone down I began my practice, the closest I have come to naked yoga, as the sweat poured off me. I went as far as Navasana, then the closing poses, oh that mat was slippy, I am preserving my skidless mat for Bali next week, but I should have used it for the closing poses, I realised this as I came crashing down out of backbend, onto my neck. Winded and stiff I decided this was the time to call it a day. I really don’t want to head for the workshop with a stupid self-inflicted injury.

Too hot & be careful blogging!!

July 19, 2006

The UK is basking in record temperatures today, 36.3c recorded down near Gatwick airport. As I type at 9pm its still 30c indoors. It saps the energy. Wednesday is my 7th day, so don’t usually practice Wednesdays anyway. Almost IBS free, nearly but not quite, so did some Sun salutations and I feel a lot better. Will practice in the morning if I wake up.

Great practice (despite the fans!)

July 18, 2006

It’s been a really hot day here, doing anything has been an effort. At 7pm it was pretty obvious that many people had forsaken their blue sticky mats to bask in the sunshine, as there were only four of us ready to practice. After the Surya Namaskars, which we used to see if anyone else came along, they didn’t, so we did a Mysore style practice, as the four of us know the plot.

Too warm!

July 17, 2006

The UK is basking in temperatures of over 80 degrees the last few days. All you want to do is sit in the garden with a cool drink, but I am glad to say that I have made the effort to get on my mat and benefit from the openness the warmer temperature brings.

It’s the only time my home practice is as open and sweat making as it is at the “L” shaped room, I left practice until after 8pm today and its still 28c, or 82F for those who prefer the temperature in old money.

14th IBS free day

July 16, 2006

Today was a bit of a landmark, it’s my 14th IBS free day, I can’t remember the last time I went this long, without the inconvenience if you see what I mean of painful guts and no energy to do practice. However this celebration comes with the realisation that the problem may be partly down to one of my favourite things in life, chocolate and in particular Milka chocolate, those of us in Europe will be familiar with the purple wrapper with the picture of a cow on the front.