14th IBS free day

Today was a bit of a landmark, it’s my 14th IBS free day, I can’t remember the last time I went this long, without the inconvenience if you see what I mean of painful guts and no energy to do practice. However this celebration comes with the realisation that the problem may be partly down to one of my favourite things in life, chocolate and in particular Milka chocolate, those of us in Europe will be familiar with the purple wrapper with the picture of a cow on the front.

I love chocolate, its my only real vice as I don’t drink or smoke and I like nothing better than to sit in front of the TV watching the soccer on a Saturday night with a steaming pot of tea and a 100g of Milka. I have two bars sitting in the fridge just waiting, saying “Eat me” every time I look in there. I have secretly partly been hoping the IBS would come back so that I could say well it can’t be the chocolate, as I haven’t been eating it and it still comes. I’m so pleased it doesn’t seem to be down to my favourite drink of tea, I would then be left with just water as I gave up carbonated drinks a while back in the hope it was them.

IBS free days mean that I have the energy to practice and the strength to use the bandhas, well when I remember to engage them. I had a theory that it was doing jump throughs when I practice at night after the meals of the day that was jarring my stomach into IBS, but today I had breakfast, a big family lunch, went geocaching (Unsuccessfully) and this evening I did my practice. I felt balanced as I sat on my mat after savasana, not wanting to lose that wonderful connected feeling.


One Response to “14th IBS free day”

  1. Ursula Says:

    World cup is over now. It couldn’t go on and on. So sad.
    But have you already tried Toblerone or Ritter Sport. I think they are competitive to Milka (the chocolate from the lilac cow).

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