Great practice (despite the fans!)

It’s been a really hot day here, doing anything has been an effort. At 7pm it was pretty obvious that many people had forsaken their blue sticky mats to bask in the sunshine, as there were only four of us ready to practice. After the Surya Namaskars, which we used to see if anyone else came along, they didn’t, so we did a Mysore style practice, as the four of us know the plot.

Managed to work out how to be as far away from the fans as possible so that my sweaty shirt didn’t icily glue itself to my back this week. Doing Mysore in this environment proves how much I dawdle at home. I seem to fly through the standing postures, the highlight of which was Prasarita Padottanasana “C”. C got me way way way over, to the point that she said my hands had only been a couple of inches from touchdown, wow, how about that. The problem with that posture is that you have no way of knowing how far over you are. Unlike the last time I went over like this I managed to remember to engage my legs and so managed to come back up and not pitch forward.

The general heat in the room really helped my asanas, forward bends were good and C got me doing a different vinyasa out of Trianga Mukaikapada Paschimottanasana. Instead of the usual legs cross and jump back she got me to bring the straight leg in, then lift and jump back. I think with a bit of practice I may get this one, it seems feasible unlike a few others. My knee co-operated in the Marichyasanas up to a point. A combination of the heat and having done a lot of practice over the last week or so has kept it moving, one day “D” will be mine.

Headstand was OK, but could not manage Urdvha Dandasana, but you cant have everything.

Walked home to a brilliant orange sun ball disappearing over the trees, its gone now.


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