Too hot & be careful blogging!!

The UK is basking in record temperatures today, 36.3c recorded down near Gatwick airport. As I type at 9pm its still 30c indoors. It saps the energy. Wednesday is my 7th day, so don’t usually practice Wednesdays anyway. Almost IBS free, nearly but not quite, so did some Sun salutations and I feel a lot better. Will practice in the morning if I wake up.

In the news today is the story of an english girl who works in Paris, who has been fired from her job because of things she wrote in her blog about working in France, the company and some of the head honchos, who got a tad upset! Although she didn’t name names, she was identified by a picture of herself on the blog and thus they said this identified the company and the people she has talked about. A sartorial lesson in being careful. you can Petite Anglaise at

This time next week I will be stuffing my rucksack with t-shirts and yoga mat ready for the flight to Bali. I may need a second rucksack for my Iondonesian currency which I went to collect from the bank today. Currently you get nearly 17,000 Rupiah to the UK pound. I asked the bank teller if she weighed or counted my millions!


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