Slippery crash landing

Today was not quite so hot as yesterday, but not so you would notice. I woke at 6.30 and rather than lay there I got on my mat for 40 minutes and did a stiff standing posture practice before breakfast and work, so far so good.

After a long tedious day at work, cannot go into detail, after the Doocing of Petite Anglaise’s blog, walked home in the sweltering heat. 8.30pm once the sun had gone down I began my practice, the closest I have come to naked yoga, as the sweat poured off me. I went as far as Navasana, then the closing poses, oh that mat was slippy, I am preserving my skidless mat for Bali next week, but I should have used it for the closing poses, I realised this as I came crashing down out of backbend, onto my neck. Winded and stiff I decided this was the time to call it a day. I really don’t want to head for the workshop with a stupid self-inflicted injury.

Tomorrow is the wonderful Counted class at the “L” shaped room. I hope I get there as the trains are no longer on strike, but the trains are restricted to 20mph in some sections due to the buckling of rails from the hot weather. I need the first train to not only be on time, but to also make it in time to connect with the second train which delivers me to south London. In some countries you can count on this where the railways are run for the benefit of the public, Japan, Germany etc and not the benefit of the staff and in particular the two unions here ASLEF and the RMT, whose main aim in life is to piss off the travelling UK public.


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