The weekend

Saturday am spent finding out the lightest, thinnest clothes for practice and sightseeing in Bali. The afternoon brings us the much-needed torrential downpour, but it remains humid and sticky.

Practice in the evening up to Navasana and the closing postures, my body is open but tired, but I am glad I practiced.

Dam noisy neighbours have me awake from 2-4am, it’s too hot to shut the windows. Sunday dawns hot and sunny, I take the bus and train into London to meet IH for some geocaching. We set out after a cup of tea and major dissection of her inherited vacuum! First cache is on The Strand, finding clues to the final coordinates. But alas it tuns into an FTF, “Failed to find”. We start another multi and this time a clue has been hidden by scaffolding, grrrrr. Ok third time lucky, Waterloo Bridge we find success, the tiny container magnetized to the railing. On a lovely day like this the bridge provides fantastic views of the city, I love London when its like this. Geocaching is great exercise, you walk miles without realising you have and it’s very educational, we have visited many interesting places in our city via my GPS, many of which we did not know existed.

The No 4 bus delivers us to one of our favorite places the A1 greasy spoon at Smithfield for lunch, a non yogic, non vegetarian fry up. But its one of the cheapest and best vale places for a bite.

We wander down to the wobbly Millenium Bridge for our 4th geocache, we can’t find it, not one of our better geocaching expeditions a 25% success rate. On the St Paul’s side we take in the “Millenium Measuring Monument”, a sharp looking shard of glass depicting all of the ways our civilization has measured through the ages. Despite our lack of succes IH is a good friend and its good to spend time relaxing and enjoying our city together. Yoga would do her so much good, mentally as well as physically. We walked along the Thames and visited Somerset House taking in the free Byzantine art exhibition, vinyasa for the mind as Easter would call it. In the courtyard the kids are splashing in the fountains.

Home too late to practice today, too tired to practice anyway. Three days until I escape to practice.


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