I know it’s a Moon day but…

Tonight was my last chance for practice until the weekend. I know tomorrow evening after work will be spent packing my stuff ready to go to the retreat in Bali, Thursday will be spent sitting in airports and aeroplanes and Friday no doubt I will be shattered by jet lag and lack of sleep when I arrive in Ubud in the afternoon. I don’t mind flying, I just finding it boring and uncomfortable and I never manage to sleep the way some people do and if I do nod off there’s bound to be a howling child or the brat behind kicking my seat as its mother smiles.

Our usual class was bolstered this evening by those from the beginners class who wanted a challenge, their series of classes finished its term last week. We did 90% of Primary series, which my body needed to do, and despite those dratted fans being there, I had a good practice, though not many adjustments. We also had the room at the back with the wooden floor, the carpets are OK, but I much prefer the stability of my sticky mat actually sticking to the floor. We missed out headstand again which is a pain now that I can do it. Though I doubt DK will neglect it next week.


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