Bali at Last!

oh am I glad to at last be in Bali. The flight from London was packed, no room to stretch and I had a terrible headache and stomach pain, Singapore did not come quickly enough. Bali just a 2 hour hop from Singapore and the hotel picked me up, so in Ubud by 2pm.

At 2.30 I layed down for a rest and the next thing I knew it was 7pm! Went for a walk to buy some water and explore. Will practice tomorrow, my body is looking forward to opening up again.

I just found Timtams in the supermarket, for about a third of the price we pay in the UK, yum.

Tomorrow hopefully meet the rest of the people taking part in the retreat and Dena and her family again. The journey here was horrible but I am sure it was worth it


One Response to “Bali at Last!”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Oh! I love Ubud! There’s an absolutely beautiful indoor/outdoor studio there, probably where you’re practising (of course I can’t think of the name of it right now, but it’s on the lower level of a wonderful restaurant).

    There’s also a really great cooking school (in another restaurant whose name I can’t remember)…it’s a lot of fun, and the restaurant that operates it has tons of wonderful vegetarian food.


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