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The weekend

July 15, 2006

No counted practice Friday night, I feel lost without that focus, energy and joy. Instead I try to practice at home, but am interupted by one distraction after another. I just cannot focus, finally calling it a day after two Navasanas and a bad attempt at the closing postures. I give Friday evenings completely to getting to and doing the counted practice, I never schedule other activities, so when practice is not there I’m lost, I have all this time and don’t know what to do with it.


Those darn fans again!

July 12, 2006

The trouble with practice out here in the sticks is that you don’t get to practice in a designated “yoga place”. The town hall on a Tuesday night is case in point. Why don’t they realise that we like it hot, it helps our practice, but the dreaded fans are on? I have to say that some of the people like them, I HATE them, I find that I start to get nice and warm after Surya Namaskar, but then realise my back is getting cold as my sweaty T-shirt sticks to me. I try to practice away from them and even try to get those that like them between me and the fan, but the fans swing around so its hard to stay out of their chilly way.

A practice of two halves

July 9, 2006

Saturday afternoon I began my practice, my body felt a little tight from the previous evenings counted practice. Its still quite warm here and I didn’t take long to warm up and feel some of the stiffness recede. The counted class is always intense and my thighs are where I notice it most. My practice at home is always slower, not least because I try and coax my dodgy knee to where it should be, before doing some asanas and in some of the postures I like or for some reason that day feel good I stay for another couple of breaths to explore them. I got through the standing postures and as far as Mari B, then did some backbends before heading for the TV and the World Cup.


July 7, 2006

I was told once to have no expectations of my practice. Not to try and compare how an asana is today and what it was like yesterday or last week.

5.30 I am sitting in Mcd’s drinking my pre practice tea and trying not to think about how tonights counted practice will be. But I find that when I return to my mat after a break this non expecting is easier to do, I will just accept each asana and try and ”be” in the posture and how it is, is how it is.

Walking from the station to Mcd’s I have been passed by yelling kids and a group of guys dressed as Mexicans complete with sombreros, ponchos and an enormous green inflatable cactus.

Its gone, so back on my mat

July 7, 2006

The IBS has receded until next time, so last night it was back on my mat. Felt stiff, but it was another warm evening so was able to get going quite quickly. It got dark as I practised, but I didnt turn the light on, I didnt want to interult the focus and flow.

I practised up to Navasana, having done a modified Marichyasana, as my knees need more warming up again and then went into the closing postures. Unlike last time I did a full Urdhva Dhanurasana, without the pain in my guts.


July 4, 2006

So yesterday was spent with a stomach-ache from hell. At lunchtime I went for a walk along the canal instead of eating my sandwiches. By late afternoon it began to abate. I had a small meal then rested. At 9pm I felt the need to practice, so slowly began my Surya Namaskars. It was still very warm after being a very hot day so there was not the tightness.

The end of the dream

July 2, 2006

Yesterday I was in London at 5pm the place was deserted, which allowed me to literally fly home on the train and catch extra time and penalties of the England vs Portugal game. Today we are mourning our so called “Golden generations” last chance to bring some glory to English football, as they crashed out in a penalty shoot out.

The Engalnd team is a bit of a metaphor for my practice, starts well, occassionally carries on well, but usually fizzles out, todays practice has been no different