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He watches over me

September 30, 2006



Something always goes missing!

September 29, 2006

After a long stressful week at the Adam’s family offshoot am I glad to see that train pull in on time that will deliver me to the L- shaped room south of the river for those wonderful two hours counted practice.

I walk in to that warm room lit by its little candles and Buddhas and immediately feel the gloom and doom of the week lift off my shoulders. I really wanted, not to mention needed to be, on this mat, in this place, at this time. My mind ached to be absorbed within something it enjoys and on the 4th Surya A I knew this was going to be a good practice. That early my mind had switched into the practice and as we did the B’s I was flowing, loving being where I was. If I could only transplant this joyful absorption to the rest of my life, I would have a reason to open my eyes in the mornings.

The standing poses flew by, Deep forward bend adjustment in Prasarita Padot D. Until the flow was interrupted by Easter reckoning that we all had been doing Uttita Padangusthasana long enough to be “attempting” to bend over the outstretched leg. So we started again and wibbled and wobbled our way through the asana. Its good to be challenged and Easter always does these things in a fun way.

Seated postures were good too and for the first time in a couple of weeks I did jump through vinyasas between sides and postures, the highlight of which was being adjusted into Marichyasana D on BOTH sides, wow yippeee. I knew after C, using the arm rotation preparation that I would be able to go a fair way into it. So I did a quick vinyasa so I had the time to set my knee up in lotus and do the arm rotation before trying to get into D. Easter spotted I was good for it today and joined my fingers up for me, it felt so good, not to mention satisfying to be doing D again. This lead into a nice Kurmasana and Supta K, though fingers failed to touch tonight, but never mind, after doing Mari D I wouldn’t have minded not being able to do any other posture.

Urdva Dhanurasana was not bad, it would have been better, but for the fact that despite it was a cool, wet evening, my mat had become very slippery and either my hands slid or my feet felt like they had skates on, but all the same, I was happy with my practice.

As the title of the blog says something always goes missing and tonight it was Sirsasana. I did it before Bali, I managed it during Bali and since returning home, but for the last couple of weeks I just am unable to stand on my head. Easter eventually came and put me in it and kept me in it, but where has it gone? Savasana was not the relief in its usual way, it just felt good to be still, as the energy flowed through me, but I was awake and connected to my body. Easter talked about the 5 types of Prana that flow through us, letting to breathe into each of their centres to bring our practice to its close.

I wished I lived nearer the “L” shaped room, I wish I could practice there more than just once a week and after missing being there last week because of the Moon day, being there tonight confirmed how much I need that room, that practice and that Buddha keeping its eye on us all.

The postures I like

September 29, 2006

Last night I mentally wanted to practice, but after a day at work from hell, physically I just wanted to crash out. Decided I had to get on my mat and at least open my body up a little ready for the Friday night counted practice.

I did the standing postures and a couple of seated forward bends, then spent a while trying to open my hips and experimenting with the Marichyasanas, I love the twists, my dodgy stomach loves the twists, I always feel better for doing them.

I then moved on to backbends, again spending time doing preparations, Ustrasana, Kapotasana and drop backs down the door, before getting down to Urdva Dhanurasana, my arms weren’t straight, but that’s ok. My back is keeping its openness.

It was good to practice. I can’t wait for the counted practice tonight.

A better Tuesday class

September 27, 2006

Last night as usual to the Town Hall, only 4 of us, this class fluctuates so much, last week there were 12, where do they go?

Anyway C took us through Primary up to Kurmasana, though must admit I sneaked my arms into Supta K for a few seconds, don’t think she noticed. Also did some good Mari’s using YC’s arm rotation practice leading in.

Urdva Dhanurasana’s were not bad last night, though had done some back opening before I left home, so that probably helped. Felt tired after practice, my stomach has been playing up again, not as bad as it used to, but I think it takes away some of my energy, took 25 minutes to walk home.

Despite 10 hours sleep, sitting here at work feel I could easily put my head down and go another 10, not sure if its the yoga, the IBS or just coming in to this place that immediately makes me feel wrecked.


September 24, 2006

I woke to rain absolutley hammering down, not a good start to the day, so turned over and went back to sleep until the paper came thru the door.

By mid morning I had done e-mail, read the paper and the sun had come out. Left practice until this afternoon when I knew the sun would again be streaming its warmth into my room. Did not intend to do all of it today, but after some really deep enjoyable Marichyasanas, especially “C” decided to keep going, nearly managed “D” on my bad knee side, though was further away on what is usually the good side, strange thing this practice. A really long practice as I did preparation postures to open the hips for the Mari’s and also for the backbends. After warming up with Ustrasana, Kapotasana, which I havnt done for a while, but found I could do without the tense feeling in the bottom of my back I was ready for Urdva Dhanurasana, managed 3 good ones. I know that one posture should lead into the next, but even after Setu Bandasana I find UD is a bit sudden and warming up with the prep postures really makes this asana possible now. Another reason to find a Mysore practice somewhere.

Well the weekend is over, another week of crap begins, but at least, train permitting, the “L” shaped room will be there on Friday, just five fruitless days to endure first.

Too nice to to

September 23, 2006

I observed the Moon day, but felt that it deprived me of my end of week treat, doing the counted practice.

I thought about observing Saturday too, but upstairs my room was gloriously warm as the autumn sun streamed in and I decided I really wanted to practice, especially after reading the Internal arm rotation tips on YC’s blog last night. Last night I got off the chair and stared up at the screen reading YC’s instructions and wow on the first go, wearing a pullover as well I managed to grab my wrist.

For the first time in a while my practice had a real focus to it, I did not dawdle, I was up to Navasana in an hour. Even though I had been doing YC’s preparation postures of opening the hip before putting the leg into the half lotus for the postures needing that before doing the individual postures.

The bind in Mari A, B & C was excellent using YC’s internal rotation tip, but D is still as elusive as ever. Kurmasana does not feel as awkward nowadays, I am more confident about stretching my legs out and get nearer to the floor with my chest.Supta K was fun, on my own without adjustment or a towel got my fingers to touch and ankles to cross, yeeeeeeeeesssss.

My problem is space, especially for doing Upavistha Konasana and Supta konasana, I just dont have a clear enough space to come up from and land into. I try to compensate by doing an extra Ubhaya Padahastasana, to practice the coming up and over.

Did a couple of handstands before the closing postures, this is a measure for me, I can now get up without crashing into the door, and the level of control now gives me up to 5 breaths vertical.

Navasana to the end took nearly another hour, despite not dawdling, I have not consciously tried to slow down, it just seems that is how my body and mind want to practice.

After practice turned the TV on to get the soccer results, Ipswich Town 3-1 Sunderland, yes another three points for us Tractor boys, maybe the weekend will be better than I thought it may be.

A use for Moon day night

September 22, 2006

No train tonight, I left work in a torrentail downpour accompanied by thunder and lightening. I was home just after 4pm and at a total loss as to what to do next, I cannot remember the last time a Moon day fell on a Friday and stopped me enjoying counted practice. I played on the internet, I became an Alchemist level 3 on my Palm, but nothing is as enjoyable and satisfying as the time in Clapham on my mat.

Its 8.15 we should be entering Savasana at the “L” shaped room south of the Thames after another wonderful practice. Instead I sit in front of my screen. I tried to use the last two hours in a yogic way, I spent the time starting to type up some of the book full of notes from the workshop in Bali. When I got to the note about Dena lowering my ears away from my shoulders I thought its time to stop.

I know tomorrow is Saturday, but as my usual day off is Wednesday anyway, I want to practice. I feel like practice now, I think I need to stretch my shoulders at least.

Up to Supta K

September 22, 2006

I found something from somewhere and got on my mat, beginning with 5 + 3 A’s and B’s and then through standing. Felt quite open surprisingly.

I still didnt have much focus or energy, but plodded through to Supta K, missing out most of the vinyasas. Actually had fingers touch in Supta K for a nano second, so know it may be possible one day, sometime.

Urdva Dhanurasana was abysmal, 2 with bendy arms and wayward feet.

So not much of a practice, but some is better than nothing I guess and hopefully it will return me to the path of practice, though of course the moon has other ideas today.

Will be lost tonight without those precious two hours in the “L” shaped room. I would like to think I will fill the time meaningfully, but know I won’t. There should be something else built into the system to do on Moon days!

Rut 1 – 0 Yoga

September 21, 2006

“I” texts to say she is bored in paradise on detox island, I’m just bored, going through the motions of another tedious, energy sapping day of crap at work. I am home at 5.05pm and somehow resist the urge to go to bed then and there, knowing I could easily sleep for the next 14 hours until the alarm goes off at 7am. I hate work, but except for Friday nights at the “L” shaped room there’s nothing to enjoy after completing those shitty 8 hours.

Instead I go through the motions at home. I’m tired mentally as well as physically from work, I just cannot summon the energy to engage with anything. Nothing interests me lately, its most likely because I have nothing to look forward to over the coming months except my head hitting that pillow every night, for the only part of the day’s 24 hours I enjoy. Because I spend all day reading and punching a keyboard I don’t want to play on the one at home or read books, my eyes are tired enough.

I did get on my mat, but on the second sun salutation my knees buckled to the floor and I lay there, knowing that I didn’t have the energy to practice or the mental will to make myself do practice. I know that I would feel better for doing it, but for the first time my “Rut” has won. I could have just stayed on the floor and fallen asleep. I missed out Savasana, because I know what will happen.

Life sucks lately, after the highs of Bali and Paris, I struggled this morning to open my eyes for another meaningless day. I just hope I can summon something from somewhere to do practice tonight.

Lost another one & the Jinx!

September 20, 2006

Was not looking forward to yesterday. A very expensive afternoon at the dentist to get a mould done for a new crown, as the exisiting one was hanging in there by who knows what. The dentist administered an eye wateringinly painful injection to my gum, before removing the old crown. To her amazement it came out whole, still attached to its metal pillar and without damaging the root, so instead of a new one she just glued my original one back in, saving further pain not to mention over £200 (US$350), yippeee. I put the loose crown down to healthy eating, since having to give up the chocolate die to the IBS I sit and munch granola cereal straight out the box, no sugar, no added salt, but hard work for the poor gnashers!

My travel jinx has returned. I usually go to the Middle east at Christmas, in the last few years I have visited, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, but this year with the current situation there I decided to take up I’s offer to go to Bangkok and what happens I book and pay for my ticket and they have a coup! I is currently out there, so hope she keeps her head down.