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The Lurgy

October 29, 2006

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Interuptions and Energy

October 27, 2006

After doing a decent practice on Tuesday and Wednesday being my day off, My mat was ready last night, but after a long day at work I didnt have the energy to do a full practice. After the Surya’s I did standing postures up to the balances. I wanted to practice, but it was 9pm by the time I started, so my seated practice consisted of Dandasana, Paschimottanasana, Janu A & B and Marichyasana A, B and C. B had been a struggle with my knees, so I knew there was no point trying to wedge myself into D.

I did some backbends and then gave up and closed my practice. But at least I did some practice. In years gone by I would not have even got on my mat, but knowing there is no counted practice tonight, I wanted to do something. Tonight I will try again, though I have picked up my mothers cold, which makes Ujayi a bit difficult. I plan to go to my old Saturday haunt at Stoke Newington tomorrow for the lead class with D. It will be nice to practice somewhere different, maybe it will refresh and re-awaken my practice.

Town Hall

October 25, 2006

Monday night was tired, so did a few standing and a few seated, but just couldnt get into it.

Last night back to the Town Hall with C. Long ago excepted that the variation in abilities means that it will not be a flowing, concentrated practice, not least because C’s counting is fairly erratic and because we miss quite a lot out. Last night did up to Bada Konasana, though missed out Mari D, which was a shame, then into some second series backbends, Salabasana, Ustrasana and Dahnurasana, before closing with Urdva Dhanurasana. It always seems to be a rush, I need the time especially with UD to set my hands before I lift.

But all practice is good and with their being no practice at the “L” shaped room this Friday I needed to do this.

On the work front 20/20 hindsight and Foresight are still in large and short supply. We were talking about it amongst ourselves, and despite the plus points of it being near home, ok money and conditions etc, we have never worked in a place where 95% of the employees are so unhappy.

Taking a liberty with the Moon day

October 22, 2006

After the great counted practice on Friday evening, I woke up Saturday to the pain of a stomach ache, what the hell brought that on I have no idea, I didn’t eat much on Friday and after practice all I had was a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Saturday got worse as I got to the supermarket, which had signs saying closed for a week for refurbishment, it closed today, there was nothing in there yesterday, well by the time I got there anyway, the baker up the road had also had its shelves decimated. On the walk home it started to pour with rain, with arms full of shopping, I had no way of using my umbrella, so dropped into the little café that has wifi to spend a half hour drinking tea and reading the blogs on ashtangi net with my Palm.

So today is the Moon day, but I moved it to yesterday so that now my stomach has contracted back to normal I can do my practice. Was just into second Surya B when the doorbell rang, grrrrr, bloody Jehovas witnesses, I was not impressed with them interrupting my practice I can tell you, I think they realised this as they scuttled off down my front path. Back to my mat for a nice practice, particularly enjoyed the Marichyasanas, I could feel them squeezing the remaining wind out of my guts. I had intended to go to Navasana, but just carried on as I was enjoying my practice and feeling a hell of a lot better than yesterday.

Backbends at home are far better now. I use Dena’s “Preparations for the elaboration of practice”, doing Ustrasana, Kapotasana and dropping back down the wall before finally laying down and doing Urdva Dhanurasana, on the third I had almost straight arms and legs, control and stability over the asana meant I could change the hand a foot positions and control my breath. This is why we need a mysore place around here, if I can take my time I have a deeply satisfying practice.

Hindsight and Forsight

October 20, 2006

Another crap day at work, as well as the 20/20 hindsight used by elements of the management now they expect us to display 20/20 forsight and when we cant and bother to take the time to tell them why we cant suddenly produce stuff out of thin air they go running to their parent who owns the place. I know it’s their “train set”, but it’s a shit way to expect their employees to remain motivated to do their best for the company. To whit the masses bought a bunch of lottery tickets in a bid to escape. If I had 20/20 hindsight I would have seen this state of play coming and resisted the temptation to take the job.

I am typing these paragraphs on the train to the sanity of the “L” shaped room, after a week like this my mind is aching to be absorbed in practice, though my body would prefer tea, food and sleep.

Text from Bali J, she wants directions to practice. Good to see her, last time we met was the departure lounge in Singapore.

Ten people practicing tonight, to the light of candle lit Buddha’s and twinkly diwali lights outside. The room was just toasty and good for practice down to my knees on just the second Surya A. Not so much adjusting tonight, just the odd comment as Easter counted the practice. It just had a wonderful flow; standing postures seemed light tonight, even managed Utita Padangusthasana with a wobble.

Seated were good too, but no adjustment in Mari D this week, but got quite a way in on my own, which was satisfying.

Backbend was a bit hit and miss due to a very slippery mat; it may be mid October, but the sweat flowed. Managed one good one and a couple of iffy ones.

Despite some of tonight’s asanas not being so deep and some unbound, it was a really great practice and a joy to take part in, ended by those joyful singing bowls.

Fortunately at some point in the last 7 years I have had the forsight to make practice an integral part of my existence, but it’s ability to get me through this existence is being sorely tested.


October 19, 2006

I should have practised last night but never quite got around to it, due to 2 hours on the phone talking to “I” about trying to get a long weekend away somewhere, we spent 2 hours checking various websites of the low cost carriers trying to find a cheap flight to a place that we both wanted to visit. Our first choice was Istanbul, but the flights we found were horrifically expensive and the timings ludicrous, so at 10pm we had come to a conclusion on Pisa in Italy, but it was a long way back second choice.

A crap morning at work being audited by a customer meant I became even more determined
1) to do practice and
2) Get away for a break.
So lunchtime spent another hour on the internet and found by fiddling around with the dates and days of departure a cheap deal, to the point that it was over £150 cheaper than last night and on BA as opposed to a knees round your head no frills airline, on some of these airlines only people who do practice would be capable of getting into the seats!

Home in a rainstorm to do practice for an hour, up to Navasana and some closing postures. It felt good to practice, even though my asana’s were not very good; it was soo good to stretch after 10 hours in front of a pc.

In the meantime “I” had been busy on the hotel hunt and found us a nice little place to stay in Sultanamet, near all the sights at a bargain November price. I can’t wait to go, not just to get away from the job, but to explore a city I have not visited in 10 years, though I think the Turks should beware our visit, we have both gained something of a reputation for bringing disasters to places, “I” was in Thailand for the recent coup and I left Japan last year the day before an earthquake!

Life is so much better when you have something to look forward to

Tuesday practice

October 18, 2006

Tuesday night to the town hall, it’s a warm evening with a breeze, I walk past the newsagents who have left out the unsold papers which are now blowing across the street, so I pick up a copy of International Herald Tribune to read later, how they can justify £1.25 (US$2.00) is beyond me for such a slim paper.

Thought at 6.59pm that I was going to have a class/practice all on my own, as I was the only one there, then suddenly V came and a couple of others. Stand in teacher J, who just lead us through primary up to Navasana, though disappointingly left out Mari B and D. I didn’t get any adjustments at all last night, but on the other hand my practice did have a nice flow, which is unusual for Tuesday nights. We then did some hip openers leading into Eka Pada Sirsasana, I am oh so close to getting this one.

Then did Kurmasana and Supta K, my fingers are frustratingly millimetres apart. We delved into Second series doing Ustrasana and salabasana before going into Urdva Dhanurasana, again mine were quite good. I hadn’t expected anything of the practice beforehand, knowing we had a stand in teacher, but it turned out to be a good practice.

The Importance of starting

October 16, 2006

After the usual long tedious, going through the motions day of a Monday at work, I came home and had to decide whether to slob out with a mug of tea, the biscuit tin and the newspaper or unroll my mat and do some practice. So slight compromise, I made a steaming mug of tea, which I drank during my practice, but I forsook the biscuits and the paper and unrolled my mat and got on with it.

And am I glad I made that decision, I had made my mind up to only do vinyasa between postures and not sides and I think this kept up the momentum of my practice, which was only interrupted to go and shove the dinner in the oven after Navasana. I felt quite open tonight, the Janusirsasana A and B were deep and there didn’t seem to be any hamstring stress, despite it not being that warm. Then the test of the Marichyasana’s and though I didn’t manage to bind, my fingers were touching in “D” on my own with nobody adjusting me, my knees even played ball tonight allowing me to try and manoeuvre myself in deeper. This was an unexpected little triumph, which encourages my practice and gives me the confidence to keep trying. I carried on up to Supta Kurmasana. My legs are straightening in Kurmasana and my knees are getting further up my arms, even on my own, there’s something happening. Time was pressing, well it was the kitchen aromas actually, so headed into the closing postures, but enjoyed taking my time with backbend. I started with some prep postures, Ustrasana and walking back down the door, before doing three good Urdva Dhanurasanas, straight arms, they felt good and didn’t seem as hard and stressful as they often have done.

Doing practice before dinner meant I have the whole evening to myself, instead of having to think about when I am going to “fit” practice in. The best part is the way practice clears my mind of all the crap from work that drags me down.

The Learning Curve

October 15, 2006


Blog 100

October 14, 2006

This is my 100th blog, I was hoping to celebrate it by loading my first picture from my new digital camera, but couldn’t get the file to upload, which is a shame. Since starting to write back in March I am astonished to find that it has been read nearly 2000 times. And I wondered if anyone would read it when I started out.

My practice in these few months has moved on in small increments, backbend happens and Mari D on my own is becoming a definite possibility. My practice has slowed down, making me far more aware of my practice, which brings more peace to my mind.

This digital camera is my first and after setting it up and taking a few pictures in my back garden I then loaded the software on my pc and wow it worked first time, I’m always amazed not to say relieved when this happens.

Tomorrow I plan to have a go at making the Bali granola, with my limited kitchen skills I think my chances of success two days running are not good, but I’ll give it a go. Here’s to the next 100 blogs.