It has been a long day, I should be tucked up in bed rather than telling you about it. I got up at 5am in order to have some breakfast and walk to the station in order to get the train into London and onto Heathrow for my flight to Stockholm. Departure was supposed to be at 10.30, but at 11.30 we were still sitting on the tarmac, eventually took off 75 minutes late, pilot must have got his foot down as we landed 30 minutes late. Got the train into Stockholm and went to the tourist information, I didn’t realise it was one of these where you are supposed to take a number and wait for it to glow in red on a board, luckily young girl behind the desk let me off and gave me the information I needed, directions to my hotel and sold me a 3 day pass for the metro system, so I was set, only took 10 minutes to find my hotel, though reaching reception was interesting, reception was on the 4th floor which you reach via a lift (elevator), but to make the lift work you need you magnetic pass card that lets you into your room, which you get given when you have checked in doh…

Eventually tagged along with someone who had a pass, checked in to my windowless room, which had a personalised welcome message waiting for me on the TV screen, never had that before, nice bed, kettle and free wi-fi access, I like this place.So after a cuppa and a rest it was out to find some food before the first workshop session, which brings me to the title of this entry, I no longer head for the golden arches, burger king or KFC, I even passed Subway and instead found myself in a place called Gooh, it obviously does not have the same meaning in swedish, anyway the idea is that you wander round the shelves and find a ready meal you like the look of, pay for it, then cook it yourself in one of the microwaves provided, a very tasted meat dish with potatoes and veg.

The T-bahn is as much of an underground maze as the London tube, eventually found the platforms and worked out which direction I needed, I will be following this route a few times this year so I should get the hang of it.

The Shala was easy to find, right where google earth had given me a clue, lots of yogi’s eager to learn more about how their body’s work or don’t. It was good to meet up with Maria and Dave again from Bali, reminds me of what a global community we are. Tonights workshop was about the terms used to describe the body, what the muscles, tendons etc are made up of and how they are joined up, all put over in a very interesting and accessible way. There was so much to take in, but I learned that if you do injure yourself, keep it moving as the body makes a better job of repairing itself when it keeps moving and stretching. We were also told that a quiet mind relaxes the muscles and tendons making it easier to practice and become flexible, the more practice becomes second nature, the less the mind has to work. We also heard about Tensegrity in the body, a new one on me, but you learn something every day.

Part 2 at 7am in the morning, time to sleep


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