Stockholm day 2

OOh I hate it when the alarm clock takes you by surprise at 6am, just time for a wash and cup of tea, then its down to catch the train to the Shala for the 7am start of session 2 of the workshop. Last nights Tensegrity talk was very interesting, taking it from a model to how it relates to the body, where the skeletal structure is held seemingly “in space” and then how every action produces a reaction not neccessarily where you think it would, making you think about your posture not just while doing practice but also while sitting etc.

This morning we talked in general about the leg, knees, hips, feet which I learned have 26 bones and 32 joints. How doing something as simple as rotating the calves and thighs outwardly with the hands can alleviate pain in the knee as we got into Lotus. We learned how strong the hip actally is, its virtually impossible to dislocate it, as we learned its not only held in place by muscles and tendons, but also by a vaccum in the socket, Dave told us about an experiment where a hole was drilled in the socket and scientists were able to dislocate a hip, but when the hole was plugged they couldnt do it. We learned how in Pascimottanasana if you don’t flatten the knees, this can stress the hamstrings. So much to take in, we spent the last 15 minutes or so doing Surya namaskars.

Went back to the hotel for breakfast which fortunately as its a weekend they serve until 11.30, it was a wonderful spread, much nicer than half a dead croissant or brick hard bread roll you often get in Europe. Everything from juices, cereals, rye bread, hams, cheese etc, though I think they need bigger cups for tea!

Had a rest and a wander before the afternoon session in which we heard about the spine.  I knew they are called vertebra, but had no idea about the numbering or how they move and how they react to Urdva Dhanurasana. I had no idea that the natural kink in our spine actaully helps to make it 10 times stronger. This afternoon was 4 hours, its a lot to take in and I know plenty went over my head, but I learned so much about how my back works. Again we finished up by doing some asanas, this included  a way to make Urdva Dhanurasana a bit easier. First we did a Urdva Dhanurasana, which was hard from having sat for 3 hours, then came to Vajrasana, then supta, followed by the same again, but this time with the toes folded under so starting from a higher point, then we were encouraged to push the pelvis upward for a few breaths. We then did UD again, but it was much easier this time, this is going to have to be another little addition to my practice, all these little additions must be why my practice seems to take longer and longer!

While wandering today I came across a block of ice with a gut dressed as a Polar bear next to it, with a sign saying “My habitat is melting”, the swedes seem to be in to planet conservation. They also preserve their kids from hearing their conversations. While on the train back this evening I sat opposite a swedish couple with 2 little kids, they suddenly swapped into english to rip a woman they both knew to shreds before sawpping back to swedish to talk to the kids!

A relative lay in tomorrow, then I will do the Shala’s mysore practice, looking forward to just doing yoga, be interesting to be adjusted by someone other than Easter, what will it be like. After practice have been invited to brunch with Maria, Dave and someone else, to catch up since Bali and enjoy the company of such nice people.

So that was day 2, I am learning an incredible amount, I just hope I can remember half of it in 6 months time.


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