Last day in Stockholm

All I can say is what a perfect day it has been. A good nights sleep, tea and taost before heading down to the Sodermalm Shala to do the morning Mysore practice.

My first real practice in this space and it was good, really good. A nice energy in the room, everyone concentrated on their own practice after Lisa called us to Samasthitihi and the opening chant, though I found the chant a challenge, same words, but done in a different way to what I am used to with Easter. It was seriously warm in there, really condusive to being able to stretch. All the Surya A & B’s, a nice elongating adjustment in Downward dog, though I felt she was being careful as she obviously does not know my body, but Lisa got me to straighten my arms more. Standing were good, a great adjustment in Prasarita Padottanasana C, got me way over, and encouraged me to engage my legs more. Standing balances were good today, my practice had focus and energy, it was easy to be there, totally concentrated.

Seated came round too quickly, partly cos I forgot to do Utkatasana!, a slight adjustment  in Marichyasana A, she got me to bind the wrist and not the fingers, I can get there, just need a nudge to get me there. B & C were nice and untroubled, then we came to Marichyasana D, had a good wriggle and got a good twist especially on the second side, but alas my fingers didnt bind, but it feels doable again now, not light years away, in the right environment it will happen.

Bujapidasana was ok then Kurmasana, this hot sweaty practice definitley helped get my arms through and under and then the “Adjustment of the day” I had got a fair way into Supta Kurmasana on my own  before Lisa came behind and some how adjusted my fingers almost together by somehow knotting them into the back of my T-shirt, with my hands stable she came around the front and crossed my ankles over before taking me down into the forward bend, it felt amazing, worth coming over to Stockholm for that adjustment alone. I dont know what the knot is called that she used on my fingers and t-shirt, but it gave stability, could almost forget my  hands and concentrate on the legs and forward bend.BRILLIANT.

Rest of seated the usual mixture of success and abject failure, even those that didnt quite happen, felt better than of late, Supta Konasana coming up was nearer, and the seated balances, though not good were not as abysmal as usual, though having the space to move in was good, no fear of falling out and setting off the domino effect around the shala!

Closing were a joy, I have never said that before in this context, usually a joy because its the end, but today a joy because the postures felt good. Setu Bandasana had gone well and this carried on into Urdva Dhanurasana, a reall stable lift, I was happy 🙂

The energy in the room had meant practice was quick, despite doing every vinyasa etc, Savasana was in just over and hour and 3/4. It just felt so good for a change.

6 of us then went to a cafe for a lovely breakfast brunch, yummy muesli and croisssants, ye I know wheat, which I am off, but the practice seems to have given the front of my body a deep cleanse, it just feels unquantifiably well at the minute.

The workshop finished with the Arms, shoulders and some interesting exercises to do handstand, learning to trust our hands with more weight before lift off.

An excellent end to a great yoga weekend. So glad I came over and good to meet up with Maria and Dave again and the other teachers at the shala, Lisa and Tomasine were just so friendly and welcoming, it was a joy to be in Stockholm.

Here I sit in T5 at Arlanda airport back to reality.


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