Delays & Cancellations

The weekend was great, I learned a from the workshop with some nice friendly yogi’s and did a great practice with a couple of wonderful adjustments. The Stockholm yoga shala could not have been any more welcoming and helpful, Maria, Lisa and Tomasine are a nice bunch.

After saying goodbye’s until August, it was off to the airport, punctual bus delivered me to terminal 5 at Arlanda, check in was fine. Had a drink played on the internet, went to the gate and then an announcement, first in Swedish which I obviously missed, then in English saying at least an hour’s delay thanks to air traffic control lack of staff, ho hum. Some 90 minutes later we boarded the flight to London, consequently landing nearly 2 hours late.

Literally ran throught he airport to the bus station to find I had missed the last bus, ran back to the tube station to find it closed, no choice but to buy a ticket on the extortionately expensive Heathrow Express into London. Only to find when I reached the platform that there was work on the line into London meaning more delays, I was getting seriously worried now about getting home, would the YHA still be open? Eventually arrived at Paddington to find I had missed the last train home from there, so out into the night to find a bus to Euston, I was soaked in sweat from the running and now soaked by the rain, not a happy bunny. At Euston there was one more train, phew, in bed at 2am shattered. The public transport in this country is a joke, how can they shut down all the transport links so early from the country’s major airport?

So here I am back at work, having had 4 hours sleep. But would I do it all again, of course I would, practice makes me happy.


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