Geo Asana

Last Sunday
Stockholm, this week rural Buckinghamshire for a spot of geocaching in the morning sunshine. For the uninitiated this is orienteering with a GPS, the goal being to find a hidden container. To get to the final container we had to find a series of 5 micro caches after solving some clues (Clue asana). We almost gave up on the first one, but after 20 minutes searching finally stumbled across the metal tag with the next set of coordinates and we were on our way. It turned into a 2 hour circular countryside walk ending up in some trees to find a plastic box hidden inside a log.

Real asana this afternoon, had intended to get to Navasana, but standing had been good and seated up to Marichyasana C also, I struggled and wriggled in D, but alas am still not there on either side. My wrist began to object after Bujapidasana, so missed the odd vinyasa through to the end, saving my wrist for the trials of Urdhva Dhanurasana, which I managed OK. I need not only a mysore practice somewhere, but also more space for practice at home, Upavistha I can just about do, but there’s no space for Supta Konasana, too much furniture. But a decent practice, despite my uncomfortable wrist. 

Another weekend has gone by, its going to be a long week, especially as there is no counted Friday practice the next 2 weeks, no light at the end of a weeks tunnel.Maybe I should try the Vinyasa flow on Thursday evening?




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