A busy but tedious day at work, had to do the induction or should that be indoctrination of a new starter, I wonder how long long she will put up with the atmopsphere in that place. The morning started with a girl who had been off sick, who having filled in all the self certification stuff was hauled into a disciplinary meeting about being sick, she had the last laugh by having her notice already typed out, good on her. That’s the problem with Nepotism UK, once “The Family” get a downer on somebody there’s nowhere to go, nobody to appeal to, you are screwed.

So practice, well I did some that’s about all I can say, just tried to keep my hip open and knee happy. Did some twists to help my guts and some backbends, but that was it, by the time I got to my mat I lacked energy and enthusiasm. Tonight to the Town Hall with C, have no expectations, but it will have to do for this week, knowing theres no counted practice with Easter this Friday.


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