Mari D – again

Rather than slogging on the train to Mysore practice I decided to have a mysore at home, save the train and 2 hours travelling. So made a cuppa unrolled the carpet revealing the “home” mat and managed to have a good connected practice.

I just decided to practice and see what came, standing were fine, though hamstrings a bit tight in the forward bends. Seated began as usual with my stroppy knee  in Ardha Badha, but after the janusirsasanas things opened up, Mari A – C were good, then to D, first side a good twist but nowhere near a bind, changed sides and found there was some space so kept the breath going and my arm went around the knee, after another 10 breaths or so the other arm went round the back and “Yahooooooooo” I was comfortably bound. I wonder if it will reappear when I next practice, what I cannot understand is why it happened on my problematic knee side, when the other side (Left knee in Lotus) is easy, yet it wont happen.

Pre closing I did some other backbends before Urdva Dhanurasana, and then had a good UD, I just need to open up the front and back before I do the main event it seems. My mind was still in Mari D when Sirsasana came around which is probably why I couldnt stay up there, narrowly missing the cd player on the way down!

A good practice though, felt good afterwards.


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