Too cold for Mari D

Typical Bank holiday weekend, its wet, its freezing cold and there is sod all on the telly. 

Sunday practised up to Mari D, before I rang from the frozen north, where ironically the weather was drier, if not warmer.Today it’s even colder, or so it seems, even indoors I sit here typing with a jumper and an enormous Icelandic woollen cardigan on, but I did do the whole Primary this morning. I don’t seem to have much to say about the standing postures lately, they just seem to happen, the only changes have been to Utita Padangusthasana, which has been more balanced and a few steadyish head to knee breaths as well. 

Seated were OK, not as open due to the temperature, which even with not missing a vinyasa, I was still not that warm and did not want to push it, Mari D has gone again Friday’s mini success, but it’s not that far away, if I was warmer and bendier I would get there. Noticed I could not get as far into Kurmasana and Supta K either today. 

Did my extra postures before Urdva Dhanurasana (Ustrasana,Supta Vajrasana & Laghu Vajrasana), this seems to work well, giving me 3 fairly nice backbends with straight arms. Seated balances are coming back too, ok maybe only manage them for a few breaths but… 

But at least I practised, this afternoon I shivered my way through a dvd of
Madagascar, I love kids cartoon films, they are easy to watch and nowadays there is usually some adult humour hidden in there as well


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