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Crackle & Pop

August 31, 2007

The working week is over at last. The train taking me to practice was on time, but I was a little worried practice would be cancelled, as when I left there were just 2 of us booked on, but thankfully at the appointed hour it had risen to 5 of us, 3 of usual suspects and a couple of others. Before we began we ended up having an impromptu “Snap,Crackle & Pop” contest after I took off my Medic Alert and cracked the bones in my wrist, T found she could not only crack her wrist but also her ankles, after which my knees and other bits of peoples anatomy joined in the party! As Easter turned around to see what was going on a cacophony of “It was him, it was her” broke out!

My energy was a little lacking tonight, normally the standing poses fly past, but after we had done them my mind (those voices are back) was asking “Is that all we done, how much more to go?”, I felt heavy and tired. Seated were better and we also added the jumping back from Triang Mukha and Mari A. My knee despite cracking was not playing, it struggled through Janu A & B and then Mari A-C, but I was very mindful of it. I did touch my fingers in Supta Kurmasana, little things make me happy! 🙂

Closing were ok, in Urdva Dhanurasana my feet kept splaying out, I just cant stop them. I am realising that I am just too knackered to do Urdva Dhanurasana by the time we get to it after all those vinyasas. Salamba Sarvangasana was unbalanced and wobbly. So not a brilliant practice, but I am glad I went, even though I am now tired and aching. But tomorrow Cristina’s sharp fingers will loosen my back, neck and shoulders and I will be ready to do it all again.


Its been a long week

August 31, 2007

For a short week (4 work days) it seems to have taken a long time to pass at Nepotism UK Ltd. This time last week I was in the German sunshine enjoying beibg where I was, now I am just wishing away the next 3 hours until I can go and do the Counted Practice.

Last night I did just the standing postures, my knee was in non cooperation mode, so decided to give it a rest, stick some Tiger balm on it and do Savasana.

So practice tonight, then my back and neck has an appointment with Cristina’s  strong fingers and elbows in the morning before I set off for the city to run the travel club.

Hip spasm

August 30, 2007

As usual practice had to be in 2 sessions, combined nearly an hour and 3/4’s. I wish I had the will power to get out of bed in the morning.

Practised up to Upavistha Konasana, despite a weird spasm that kept coming in my hips and back of my legs, kept having to stop and stretch my leg out, it was at its worst in Triang Mukha with the leg folded under.

Was surprised to find that I even managed all the Mari’s on the first side, even binding in D. and A to C on the second side.

Steps and walks

August 27, 2007


So I woke on my birthday to another gloriously hot sunny day in Munich. A big birthday breakfast opening cards and drinking tea. I decided that I had to visit those steps featured so often in another blog, the author had told me where to find them. At the bottom was a giant wooden Trojan horse, he was my only company this morning. Nobody to take a picture for me, so I decided to use the self-timer and try a picture on the very top step, after a couple of abortive attempts I managed to do a handstand in the 10 seconds it took for the camera shutter to click.

I followed this Moon day birthday fun with some retail therapy, a new Bayern Munich t-shirt, followed by tea and cake in a little cafe.

I had been debating whether to do one of the bus tours or a walking tour, I eventually decided that as I would be sitting around the airport later I would do the walk. A good decision as the english language walk had only me and one other, a young girl from Argentina. It turned out to be a fascinating walk around the city, taking in the old and new, the “Devils footprint” in the Frauenkirche, to the debate about the new devil, the Frank Ribery Nike poster that adorns a catholic church. Well worth the 8 Euros. Lunch in the Viktualienmarkt, a meat patty in a bun with a bowl of potatoes, yumm…. Soon wore this off with a walk to the top of St Peters tower for some great views of Marienplatz below and in the distance the Olympic stadium and the new Arena.

Well that was a nice weekend, great to have I over with me and wonderful at last to meet U and Bettina Anner.

ein andere schöne Tag

August 26, 2007

Woken by the summer sunshine streaming through the hotel window, another lovely hot day, perfect. We decided to walk today, taking pictures and just enjoying the München Sunday quiet, such a contrast to the UK where everything would be open and all would be noisy, We wandered through Marienplatz before deciding to head north into the Hofgarten and into the Englische garten. Its such a nice place, with water features to help cool and a Japanese Tea House. But we were really surprised to come across people surfing, yes I do mean with surf boards and not on the internet. Lots of people on the bridge above taking pictures.

After a break for tea we went Geocaching, something we do to help explore foreign cities, we ended up crossing the river and were successful on the second attempt, Padmassana and The Beetle were here!

The day went too quickly, I had to get back to head for the airport, while I headed back for a drink and a shower before heading back down town to meet U at Air Yoga in Schrannenhalle.

My first yoga practice in a semi foreign language, I understand German if it is spoken slowly and clearly and was worried I may not follow the lead Primary series, even though I know it. Bettina Anner clearly enjoys teaching, it was a level 1 beginners class up to Triang Mukha, then closing. But I caught the drift of most of what she said, the asanas in sanskrit and even I can count to 5 in German! U practised next to me, but I didnt need to ask her anything. I enjoyed the practice, it felt relatively easy and I was well within my comfort zone, I think only U and I did proper Urdva Dhanurasana.

After practice drink with U and her partner, really nice guy an a footie fan!

Practice at this time of year is always interesting, it seems to be another of the points where I measure and take stock of my practice as tomorrow I get to be 43 where did another year go, last year I was in Paris to see Madge, this year its Munich with friends from home and Germany.

This is a lovely city, as I have walked back this evening there are musicians, dancers, clowns, balloon artists all entertaining the people, there are kids and babies, so different to the drinking culture at home, no hint of trouble, no police, just people enjoying themselves.

Wünderschöne Tag in München!

August 25, 2007

I und Ich hat ein fantastische Morgan mit U gemacht. Sie trefft uns im Hotel und dann hat Sie uns München geschaut. U ist sehr schön und freunlich. Wir haben die Viktualienmarkt und Marienplatz gesehen, und auch die neue Judisches Museum und eine sehr schöne Cafe. Vielen dank für eine schöne Morgan.

OK back to my normal grammer less English. U collected us from my hotel and then took us walking around the city. It was very busy today. The weather is still hot and sunny and the ciy was full of football fans. We had a lovely time wandering and talking about yoga and our busy lives. I and U got on well, which was good, maybe they will do some business together. Eventually I had to leave them as I had a ticket for the Bayern vs Hannover football match at the new Allianz Arena, a train ride on the U6 to the north of the ciy. It was a good atmosphere, as 69,000 people sang and chanted their way through the match in celebration of the locals winning 3-0. The train back to town was so hot and stifling, met I again. There was an event in Marienplatz , a kind of demonstration against the Chinese government. We did some shopping then had dinner.

It seems to have got dark very quickly, or did we just talk for a long time. It was a lovely day.

Nach München

August 24, 2007

Up at the crack of dawn for the train to the airport, though I dont mind getting up when there is a good reason. Heathrow carries on setting itself impossibly low standards of customer service and then failing miserably to get anywhere near them. To start with the so called quick check-in computers slowed and then broke down. After eventually checking in Security was the next nightmare. God only knows why my bag was pulled to one side along with some others to be searched, I had removed the toothpaste, shampoo etc  and put them in a plastic bag as requested. Mine was 4th in line, the problem was they didnt have any staff to actually search the bags, except one guy, it was a joke. When he had searched a bag and possessions were strewn, he moved onto the next one while the first person was still trying to get their belongings back in their bag, its a farce, so much for security. If a terrorist wants to do some damage all they would have to do is stand next to the ridiculously long check-in lines and detonate whatever they had, long before it would get searched!

Anyway 90 mintes flying and I am in sunny southern Germany with I for the weekend, she was here on business, now she’s skiving! My hotel was a short walk from Karlstor and my football match ticket for tomorrows game was waiting for me, dumped my bag and headed up to meet in Marienplatz. On the way a nice surprise when U rang to welcome me to her city and arrange to meet tomorrow, it will be great to meet at last. Found I next to the scaffold covered Rathaus, we had a nice wander and stops for refreshments before dinner. This is a lovely city, a nice weekend beckons

We lost again

August 23, 2007

Apart from doing Surya A, no practice last night. A cold, wet evening, so curled up on the sofa to watch the match. Yet again we lost to the Germans. There is no such thing as a “friendly” when it comes to England vs Germany games. Apart from the first 20 minutes when England played well, it was yet another inept display by those overpaid Premiership players. We always have such high hopes, we have good players, but not a good team.  But with Mclaren still as Manager (Head coach to any Americans), I cannot see it improving.

Oh well last working day of the week for me, off to Germany in the morning for a long Bank holiday weekend. The sun is threatening to make an appearance too.

Vinyasa in the dark

August 22, 2007

Had intended to do my usual 2 stage practice. Stage 1 was ok, when I got home I did Surya A’s and standing. My intention as usual to do Surya B and some more later at 8pm. 8pm came as I sat reading the yoga blogs, then bang our end of town had a power cut, so that was my q to start practice. This proved more difficult than anticipated, as after I had done the B’s it was pitch dark, I ended up just doing a few seated postures.

Probably wont get a meaningful practice today, England vs Germany football match on TV tonight. And then tomorrow I have to pack before my trip to Munich for the weekend. Have not been in Munich for a few years, I used to go there a lot, am looking forward to seeing the city again.


August 21, 2007

Last night was a case of fitting practice in after work, around other stuff going on. Once home I did Surya A’s and flew through to Prasarita Padottanasana, I had a real flow and energy. Three hours later I returned to the mat for Surya B and then carried on from where I left off, going up to Badha Konasana. I again managed Mari A-C, but realise this morning that maybe it wasnt such a great idea! Its funny that my hips are very open in Badha Konasana with no knee pain, my knees easily touch the floor as I bend forward. Closing backbends were ok, but no warm up ones, just straight into Urdva Dhanurasana. My arms had the energy to lift me, I realise that when I have time to do the whole practice by the time I reach UD I am knackered from all the vinyasas etc and despite my back bending itself ok, my arms just don’t seem to have the strength left.

Work is the usual slog, we had a new starter a couple of weeks ago, she quit on Monday, need I say more, are they  never going to learn.