Steps and walks


So I woke on my birthday to another gloriously hot sunny day in Munich. A big birthday breakfast opening cards and drinking tea. I decided that I had to visit those steps featured so often in another blog, the author had told me where to find them. At the bottom was a giant wooden Trojan horse, he was my only company this morning. Nobody to take a picture for me, so I decided to use the self-timer and try a picture on the very top step, after a couple of abortive attempts I managed to do a handstand in the 10 seconds it took for the camera shutter to click.

I followed this Moon day birthday fun with some retail therapy, a new Bayern Munich t-shirt, followed by tea and cake in a little cafe.

I had been debating whether to do one of the bus tours or a walking tour, I eventually decided that as I would be sitting around the airport later I would do the walk. A good decision as the english language walk had only me and one other, a young girl from Argentina. It turned out to be a fascinating walk around the city, taking in the old and new, the “Devils footprint” in the Frauenkirche, to the debate about the new devil, the Frank Ribery Nike poster that adorns a catholic church. Well worth the 8 Euros. Lunch in the Viktualienmarkt, a meat patty in a bun with a bowl of potatoes, yumm…. Soon wore this off with a walk to the top of St Peters tower for some great views of Marienplatz below and in the distance the Olympic stadium and the new Arena.

Well that was a nice weekend, great to have I over with me and wonderful at last to meet U and Bettina Anner.


One Response to “Steps and walks”

  1. Ursula Says:

    So, I read you had a nice birthday here.
    It’s a nice place there, isn’t it?

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