Pros & cons

I know I have made a good decision to try and get to practice tomorrow night, despite the problems of getting there and getting home again.

I was weighing it up as to whether it was worth it,

  • Practice at home is freebut it usually lacks focus, intensity and of course a teachers comments, encouragement and adjustments.
  • Practice at home can take as long as I likebut it can end up being too slow, losing focus, no internal or external heat, more chance of the minds chatter taking over and of course the threat of interuptions.
  • Practice at home obviously lacks that shared energy and heat of a group of people doing practice together, its easier mentally to keep with it, especially in a Mysore style practice with other people around you, there is a mental pressure present which stops you picking your feet or anything else and generally distracting yourself.
  • So tomorrow I will try and get there knowing it was the right thing to do, but whether I will feel the same way as I walk the 5 miles home from an outlying station at 10.30 at night in the pitch dark I will let you know.

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