7pm what do I do now?

Escaped from work at 4pm, straight home, made some tea and then onto my mat at 4.22. I thought I had better do it while I had the energy and motivation. After yesterdays abysmal attempt at a practice todays was ok, not bad in fact. Standing are getting noticably quicker, Utita Hasata Pandangusthasana is fairly stable when I do it at home, though I don’t get anywhere near as far over in Prasarita Padot C as I do in the nice warm Shala.

I was soon into the seated sequence, everything up to Marichyasana A, B & D are still not possible with my knees current state, they are just so frustratingly fickle. Bhujapidasana into Titibhasana was interesting, I managed to lift up withou having the sensation that I was going to fall back, though I didnt get my legs very straight. Supta K was a finger touch job again, but at least this now has the feeling that I am going in the right direction. My neck crick has been very uncomfortable today, so left out Setu Bandhasana, settling for a few Ustrasanas before Urdva Dhanurasana, which despite a day off, I lifted into first go. Rest of closing, but missed out Matsyasana and Sirsasana for my necks sake. I have been trying to cultivate that elusive Ujayi breath, S.s e-mail and reading some yoga books hopefully will help me find it, I’m sure I do sometimes, but I really wont know until C. says I have.

How 2 days can be so different with regard to practice is astonishing, yesterday I had no energy, enthusiasm or motivation. Today I had a strong practice at home alone, what gives?

Next Friday I will be on my way to Norfolk for the weekend workshop, a whole weekend of vinyasa flow yoga.

 Well now its 7pm on a Friday night, the first Friday night in 2 years that I have eaten a meal, as usually I have been doing the counted practice and got home way too late to eat. But tonight I have practised and eaten, now what do I do, I know, go on ebay and see if anyone has an ujayi for sale


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