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More Movement

July 31, 2008

Practised last night and did a very tentative Mari A, not as painful as the last few days, so hopefully things are going back to where they are supposed to be round the back. It seems that over the last week or so none of the postures are as open as previously, forward bends are not as deep, twists are not as far round etc, practice seems harder. It is probably down to the back problem, my body holding back trying to protect itself from what I try and get it to do. Hopefully everything will open up on the retreat in warm, relaxing conditions.

I have carried on doing lots of hip opening, which I am beginning to feel the benefit of and still doing the extra backbends, which surprisingly are not affected by the back niggle. My neck crick has been a lot better this week as well, may try Setu Bandhasana on Sunday when there is someone (Susan) to keep an eye on me, would hate to injure it again.


Not to plan

July 29, 2008

I got home and managed all of the standing asanas,so far so good , I then planned to eat, do the travel club work that needs dealing with before I go away next week, then get back on my mat. But best layed plans and all that, I had just begun the travel work when my sister came round, she’s going on holiday tomorrow at 3am and her washing machine has developed a mind of its own, so had to drop everything and go and turn the valves off that feed her machine. But she did give me my birthday presents a month early as she rightly thought I would probably want to take them on my travels, though one I hope to never have to use. She got me a wifi watch that looks for “hotspots”, she knows I cant live without the internet and e-mail and a luggage tag that you register online with a bar code, so that if god forbid, please no no no, my bag should ever go missing, in theory I may be able to find out where its ended up and maybe actually get it back, so as I say I hope I never have to use it.

Eventually back on my mat, but without the necessary focus, my mind was just too busy, I just did seated up to Janusirsasana, vinyasaing between poses, then missed Mari A & B, instead doing some hip stuff before trying Mari C, as the twist is the other way I assumed it wouldnt hurt whatever is amiss in my lower back, though it didnt hurt, the posture was crap and felt cramped and tight, my fingers barely bound, probably because I had missed the preceeding ones. Jumped to Baddha Konasana and Ubhaya, which I couldnt get off the ground, think Charlie or Susan need to run that theory by me again on Sunday. Finished off with a few backbends both off the ground and down the door, then it was back to slaving on the PC. Best part of 11 hours looking at a sodding screen today, its too much.

I am desperate to practice as much as I can before the retreat, well before next Tuesday really which will most likely be my last practice before I wake up in Bali a week on  Saturday, what with packing next Wednesday, travelling Thursday, arriving Friday knackered and jetlagged. It will be worth it.

Millionaire in 36A

July 29, 2008

I was checking my flights to Bali on the airlines website this morning, when I suddenly realised that the timings were, in a couple of cases quite different from the travel agents confirmation documentation. So I phoned the airline and a very nice lady confirmed my suspicions, good job I checked,otherwise I would have turned up as the plane was leaving. She did book my window seats for me, I like window seats for 3 reasons, 1 I can look out the window, 2 I can sleep against the window and 3 if I do actually manage to nod off, then I am not going to be woken by the passenger in the next seat wanting to go the the toilet etc.

So that’s one worry sorted, the next was to order some Indonesian money at the bank, last time it was a right pallaver, but this time they seem more clued up, for less than 100 pounds sterling I get to become a Rupiah millionaire!!! Bali here we come.

SI or QL, its still there

July 29, 2008

Still sticky and hot here, good for practice, but energy sapping heat. Practice last night was ok until Marichyasana A, at which point I could feel whatever it is thats pulled on the lower right side of my back, pull, had to come out and gingerly tried again, just about bound my fingers but dare not go further. I thought it was going to be ok as the standing twists had all felt fine. Only managed 2 x Navasana, as I could really feel the pull. Supta K fingers grabbed, but have lost the knack I almost had, of being able to get the right foot over the left.

Am surprised that backbends are not niggling my back, they were ok, quite bendy in the heat.

Think I need to leave Marichyasana alone for a few days, as I seem to be able to do most of  the other postures without it hurting. The tiger balm at night to stop it seizing has worked ok and I am not in any discomfort during the day, so hopefully if I lay off things will improve.

After finishing practice last night we had a nice thunderstorm, I was hoping it would clear the air, but this morning its as sticky as ever.

Sherbert Spaceships

July 28, 2008

My colleague came back from holiday, having found a retro sweetshop, he brought in a massive of bag of sherbert spaceships this morning, so here we are 2 “children” aged nearly 44 and nearly 50 eating kids sweets. I quite fancy a traffic light lolly now!

My back is easier than yesterday, though still sore and red from rubbing, though how it will perform on the mat tonight is anyones guess, sitting at a pc all day doesnt help, boredom asana in my chair. I did walk to town at lunchtime, but then lined up in the bank, but never got to the front of the Q, I gave up.

Well another day nearly ticked off, 7 working days to go, just hope nothing else decides to “pull” or “strain”, I want to be fully fit for Bali.

Sunday back pain

July 27, 2008

Usual 5am slog on the bus, then found half the tube was closed so ended up having to walk to TC Road for the Central Line to YP, shame the Oyster system was up and running again, had to top up to get home. Was actually awake and with it today, not in “tranceworld” for a change, but actually present with my practice. A different teacher today, first time I have met Ch, though have read about him on other blogs, he emphasised different things, though he did pick up on my not very often present ujayi. Standing were good, my hamstrings didn’t object to the forward bends and the UHP adjustment felt quite good as my hip was up for some rotating this week. It was warm in there today, had to put out the anti skid pan yogi toes mat.

Seated felt nice until Marichyasana A, as I brought my arm around my leg to bind, I suddenly felt a horrible muscle pain in the lower right hand side of my back, I quickly came out, then slowly went into the pose again, I wanted to keep moving, though sitting here now I wonder if carrying on was such a good plan. Susan reckons it could be the “quadratus lumborum“, vaguely remembered the term from the anatomy workshop but had to google it, she looks about right. Stopped for a bit of back rubbing, which is now red and sore as well, adding to the muscle pain. I carried on practising, even managing Marichyasana D on both sides today, yahoooo, yippeee. Quite glad not to get adjusted in Supta K, just felt my way into the hand bind and was satisified with bringing my feet together, hopefully by next week I will be fit and ready for my weekly feet crossing assist from Susan!

Ch. is less hands on, but talks you through poses, he was good enough to spend a few minutes helping me with Supta Padangusthasana, although I am getting the bum balance, sometimes… I have never been able to come up and over with straight legs. Instead of just being told to come up on the in-breath, he got me to look through my navel to the wall, rather than looking upwards. To pull on my toes and point my heels, then come up on a good in-breath. Well after the 3rd go I almost made it, but I now have the tools to try and make some headway at home with this pose. My neck has been better this week, so did a bent legged Setu Bandhasana.

I did 3 Urdva Dhanurasanas before more advice, Ch. got me to move my mat to the wall, after noticing how my hands have a tendency to slide out and away from under me. He got me to put the heels of my hands against the wall and then walk my feet in a little, at which point he said “Now that’s a backbend!” Rest of closing including a very wobbly Sirsasana, though I saw today the results of all the hip opening work I have been doing when for the first time in I don’t know how long I did Uthplutihi in full lotus without my knees objecting at the time or later in the day, this posture is actually easier in lotus, well I reckon anyway. Savasana was not quite the relief and release I wanted, as my body cooled I could feel my lower back seizing up and the rest of me tensing up because of it, so decided to cut short and watch Susan’s wonderfully controlled Nakrasana as I rolled my mat up.

Home to my pot of Tiger Balm, via the Pain au Raisin shop, the balm is working up to a point, though have not been able to sit comfortably for long in one position, hopefully it will let go when I sleep. Rest of the day has been spent eating and watching the Tour De France, while rubbing my back. If its not feeling better tomorrow I think a visit to the therapist will have to happen, I want to be in full bendy mode 2 weeks today for the first day of the Bali retreat with DK. 8 working days to go.

Sapping weather

July 26, 2008

Its hot and sticky and should be condusive to a bendy practice, but having walked to the town, done the shopping and walked back I’m drained. I did start to practice, getting as far as Prasarita Padot A, but the walk had made my hamstrings tighten and the humidity just left me thinking this isnt going to happen, then the post came and that was it, practice abandoned for now, maybe try again later. So I’m drinking tea and reading my friend Ursula’s blog, as she begins to unwind and enjoy her time in Mysore.

I must try and drink more today, I’m sure last Sunday’s not great sloth practice was caused by dehydration, I want to enjoy practice at the shala in the morning, not drag myself through it. Having started to follow the nutritionists advice and drink smoothies and fruit juice, I read in the paper that orange juice can help bring on diabetes, what do you do, there’s so much health advice available now and then so much advice countering it. Maybe I should stick to my original drinks of tea and water, though god only knows whats in the chalky water around here.

Home to practice

July 25, 2008

Well no management turned up all day, result! Straight home to practice, really warm, didnt realise how warm it was outside having been in an aircon office all day, so didnt take long to start sweating and opening up. I was much more connected, awake and alert tonight. Had a nice flow, got to Navasana in 45 minutes, after another bind on the first side of Marichyasana D, 1 out of 2 is ok, for now. Supta K was a near foot bind, but not quite. Just 3 x Urdva Dhanurasana today and a couple of drop back attempts, all of the rest of closing in 80 minutes.

I dont feel knackered and sleepy after practice for a change.

When the cats away!

July 25, 2008

You can write your blog in peace, there are no appropriate adults, ie Managers in the building this Friday morning. You can feel the atmosphere is better, people still do their work though, except when blogging 🙂 .

I wasn’t quite so tired last night, as opposed to Wednesday night when I crashed out for 10 hours and managed to do my practice. Its one of those weird conundrums that the less I feel like doing practice, if I do it then I feel far better afterwards. My hamstrings are always tight after a day off, so standing Trikonasanas were not deep and Prasarita Padot head was nowhere near the mat. Seated were not too bad, even managed Mari D on the first side. It was a warm evening which helped Supta K, slithered into hand bind and almost crossed my feet

I seem to practice in a trance at home, my anatomy knows where its supposed to go next. Backbends always bring me out of “Tranceworld”, I realise how mentally unengaged I have been for most of the previous hour or so. Backbends take all my effort, concentration and wake me up, before the rest of closing and Savasana.

After practice I was much more alert and awake despite it being proper bedtime, so ended up downloading a camera application for my Nokia Tablet, more toys!

Sickening for something

July 24, 2008

I had planned not to practice yesterday anyway, well apart from hip openings and some backbends, but for some reason as the week has progressed I have felt more and more tired. Spending 8 hours in front of a pc doesnt help. The sticky, sunny weather isnt helpful either, I notice my legs are achy, even though I make sure to get up every hour or so for a drink. So last night I just did 30 minutes of hip opening and a few backbends, but it was one of those days when my heart wasn’t in it. Instead of Savasana I went to bed before 9pm and slept to 7.30 this morning. I wonder if I am sickening for something, though I suppose it would be good to get it out of the way before the retreat in 2 weeks time. I really want to practice at the Shala on Sunday, but wonder if I would be better off just having a rest. The downside to that is there is nowhere round here that does those lovely pain au raisin!