The Afternoon

After lunch and a rest I went to the shala, a lovely wooden building at the bottom of the property (its actually the picture at the top of this blog), next to rice paddies, idyllic. Practised up to Janu A, would have gone on, but the hotel people came to clear up from the previous group and get it ready for us in the morning. Am really really stiff after 3 days off and all the travelling, I want to do some backbending, I feel a bit compressed and squashed and my right hamstring is very tight again.

Tried to do a geocache later on, but I ended up on the wrong road as I dont have an OS map or similar for the area, but a nice walk. Back to base, then out for dinner where I ran into Dena and Susie, good to see them again, will be good to practice with familiar faces.


2 Responses to “The Afternoon”

  1. Arturo Says:

    Hi Kevin
    I need to put this retreat high on my wish list. Ross enjoyed going there a few years back and Dena and Jack are great teachers. Hope you learn a lot.

  2. globie Says:

    I remember Ross, he was there with me.

    Dena is a wonderfully inspiring teacher.

    Hope you make it to her one day, she is at Purple valley after Christmas if you fancy that, I know I do, but miserible ****s wont let me have the time off to go.

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