Waking in Bali

Fell asleep as soon as I sat down on the flight from Hong Kong to Bali, I was sooo tired, 4 and a bit hours later I woke as the wheels touched down at Bali airport. Then spent over an hour in the immigration queue, just not enough staff for the volume of flights. Lots of chinese tourists which held things up for some reason, they took far longer to process than white westerners passports. My pick up was waiting for me, same guy as 2 years ago. Just outside the airport saw a massive billboard, not sure what the advert was for exactly, but there was a girl doing a backbend over an enormous apple, in lieu of a swiss ball? Further up the road was a company calling itself Yoga Motors.

Getting dark when we had finally fought our way through the traffic and arrived in Ubud. I am in a different little cottage this time, which has an in room brown gecko running round the wall, will have to think of a name for him. My staying awake plan worked well, first a nice walk up the road for an hours massage, being pummelled as I listened to the ducks quacking in the rice paddy and the rain, its such good value here, between 5 and 7 Pounds (US$10-14). Then to the Indus Restaurant for some dinner, then via the supermarket for some water on the way back.

Nicely tired and ready to crash out, I then found that my bathroom door had locked itself from the inside, for some reason, so then spent 30 minutes with the maintenance guy prising it open, thought I was going to have to change rooms and that hassle, but got it open and jammed its mechanism. The bathroom is actually alfresco, but nobody can see in.

Managed to sleep from 9pm around to 8am this morning, usually I have trouble sleeping when I fly east, expect it to catch up with me around 2pm. Wandered down to the Shala, another group doing practice for the last time before we take it over, Rachel Zinnan was the teacher. So went for breakfast before wandering into town. Not as busy as I remember it, the Bali Buddha is thankfully still there, with its bags of Granola cereal. This is the life, wandering, shopping, another short massage, then back to base for a rest and hopefully if the other group have gone I will be able to go and do some practice. Tomorrow we begin the retreat with Dena.


5 Responses to “Waking in Bali”

  1. Armani Says:

    Good way to fight the jet lag and hold out for as long as you can. Not eating helps me stay awake.

    Wish I were in Bali/Ubud now!

  2. yogamum Says:

    Sounds lovely.

    Geckos inside are good luck!

  3. globie Says:

    Surprised how awake I feel today, seems my plan worked. I formulated the plan cos last time i came here, I sat down for a little rest at 4pm, next thing I knew it was 11pm and everything was shut!

    Hey Mum, didnt know geckos in the room are good luck.

  4. yogamum Says:

    Yup, once we had a gecko or salamander or something in our house in CA, and my friend from the Philipines told me that they were good luck. So it must be true!!

    They do eat bugs and such.

  5. globie Says:

    I wish it would eat a few more of the mozzies that are feasting on my feet! I’ll tell it I’m gonna fire it if it doesnt pull its finger out!

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