Sunday – Day 1 Bali retreat

I thought I had the sleep thing/ jetlag cracked after sleeping thru the first night, then last night I woke at 1am and didnt sleep again until gone 3.30am, woke abruptly by the alarm. Made sure I got up in time to have some tea and stretch a little before going down to the shala at 7am. What a contrast in Sunday’s, last Sunday I slogged to London on the bus, this Sunday I wandered via swimming pool, little river and a rice paddy to the shala.

The usual start of sitting in a circle introducing ourselves and talking about our practice and injuries. There is a surprisingly wide range of abilities, ranging from a couple of teachers, to some of us who have a regular practice, to some who have had a practice, to some who have only ever done half led Primary. Think Dena was a little surprised, especially as this retreat was called “Strong“, so didnt expect maybe so many at the lower end of the spectrum. So instead of Mysore she did a led practice, beginning with Pranayama then up to Navasana, then some backbending work and closing, think some found it enough. We practised very slowly, she told me to slow down during Surya B, I was just going at my normal pace which I certainly wouldn’t say was fast. A nice practice to start with, we closed with some chanting, always a joy with Dena.

Got back to my little cottage to find it was 10.30, wow 3 and a half hours had gone so fast, a quick shower then we met over the road for breakfast, old habits, a lack of pain au raisin here, so had to be satisfied with a pain au chocolat! The hardship of being on a yoga retreat, this hardship was followed by walking 100m up the road for a lovely strong,deep massage, the therapist really going into back neck and shoulders and the bottom of my back, she asked if it was ok, I told her to just go for it, and she did.

This afternoon I had intended to walk to town, or geocache, but the rain gods have decided to dump a deluge and do I mean deluge on Ubud, its raining cats, dogs, geckos, bugs


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