Bali Day 2- Into it

Sorry if yeterdays blog seemed to cut short, but the rain deluge brought powercuts, the internet place was running a backup battery, which began beeping loudly as it ran out, so I had to hit the “Publish” button and hoped for the best as the computer died. The only place with power was the supermarket, so ended up getting a picnic from there last night as most places had closed.

Another night of little sleep, I wish my body clock would get the plot! Was asleep when the alarm went off at 6am and it was an effort to drag myself out of bed. After a hot shower, some stretches and a big mug of tea I was more awake and ready for the walk to the Shala out by the paddy fields.

Today felt like it should, Dena led the practice through pranayama and standing, then let us loose to do our own practices, it felt like being let out, having power over my practice again, knowing what was next, having time to enter the poses and spend longer in some when it felt right to do so. It was so grounding, seated were nice, despite not having done some of them in nearly a week, Marichyasana D, bound both sides on my own. Supta Kurmasana, bound my hands easily, as I was nice and slippery, Dena arrived to adjust my feet, after teachers in London encouraging me to struggle and try and cross my feet, Dena took the opposite approach, she crossed my feet and I engaged them more, but she told me NOT to bind them myself, let them be where she had crossed them. managed to lift myself but was not able to get the control to jump back. The rest of seated seemed to go very quickly, I was just enjoying my practice so much again. Did 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, each one stronger and better as I went on, and was just about to start playing at Cary’s wall walking and cross arm dropping back when Dena arrived to take me straight into proper dropbacks, think they are a lot better than when she had me try them in Stockholm last year, though I was a bit dizzy when I came up from number 3. Think she is going to do this with me every day, which will be wonderful. So a really nice practice, I managed not to fall asleep in Savasana.

A nice breakfast followed by a lovely deep hours massage. Having massage after practice each day is so good, its stops the body stiffening up.

This afternoon we did a 2 hour workshop, lots of pranayama, including the mind on the breath exercise and the 3 minute counting one, where the object is to not hold the breath, but to breath deeply and slowly, I did 9 breaths, I am getting better at this, it must be the 4th or 5th year I have done this looking at my notes, I have taken between 13 and 20 breaths, so I must be getting a modicum of control over mind and breath that wasnt there before. The afternoon asana practice was surprisingly strong, not that it should be a surprise, lots of backbends and leg work. We finished off with some chanting. Someone asked what we had chanted, but it was explained that the point is more to reside in the chanting, stilling the mind and being in the moment, much more important than understanding the words.

 This is a lovely rythm of life to be in again, yoga, food, massage, walk, snooze, yoga food. I wish I could afford to get used to this.


2 Responses to “Bali Day 2- Into it”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hey, regarding the self-foot-cross in supta k… Kino was talking about how in order to get external hip rotation, the leg has to be completely relaxed, like in janus, padmasana and leg behind head. So if a teacher is helping you get your leg behind the head, you have to relax completely and not try to ‘help them’ by engaging it. That has certainly been my experience too, but I also think there is value in learning to cross the feet yourself – just keep it separate from the times you are getting the assist.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan, can see what you mean about the leg/foot needing to be floppy.

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