Bali day 3 – Disaster strikes

I thought it was going too well. Again we started with pranayama and chanting before Dena led us through the standing postures. So far so good, my hamstring is stretchier today. From seated its our own practice as before, slow and satisfying, even if I couldn’t find a way to bind Mari D on the second side for some reason. Supta Kurmasana in the hot sweaty conditions is better each day. I am still leaving out Setu Bandhasana for my neck’s sake and I am getting away with my Ustrasana addition before backbends. Urdva Dhanurasana was pretty good, think I did 5 or 6, after Dena told me my feet were pointing out and my hands in, so went up again and had the control to be able to adjust my own hands and feet. She had me doing dropbacks again, giving me additional instructions today such as following a fixed line with the eyes, lots of beams in the wooden ceiling to make this easy, I am coming up with more control too, so far so good.

Disaster Then struck, just when I was happy things were going well, she got me doing a handstand at the end of my mat, ie no sanctuary of a wall, she had hold of me, then suddenly my body twisted and I fell out dramatically, unable to land on my toes I landed on the side of my right foot with an almighty crack as I hit the floor. My fault, I lost the concentration and I didnt have much control, no pain no gain right. The pain went through my ankle, I’m told I went green and I felt really sick. I think she and I both had visions of having to investigate the Indonesian health service, my mind started thinking about where I had put my travel insurance documents and the sheer frustration of being unable to practice after looking forward to this retreat for so long. Got told to stay laying for a while, luckily most people had finished their practice, though kind lady next to me covered me up with a sarong. Once the shock subsided Dena got me flexing the good foot then the injured one to try and ascertain the extent of the damage, I seemed to have some movement and it hadnt begun to swell, so gingerly stood, I could just about stand, there were another couple of loud cracks as I stood, which makes me think that rather than a break maybe I put something out and standing sent it back into place. Its unusual for their not to be a doctor or nurse on a yoga retreat, just when I need a valid opinion, there is none around, though Dena was very careful, caring and observant, her quick thinking undoubtedly stopped it being worse.

Back to my room for a shower, then went to breakfast, the nausea having passed and my after yoga yearning for sugar returning. Hotel got me a big bag of ice, so had my food with a carrier bag full of ice wrapped around my ankle. Hobbled to the nearest massage place, really needed that, it didnt feel like a luxury today, I knew everything had tightened as my body tried to protect itself.

Luckily the internet is just up the road. We have another little workshop in a couple of hours time, I will attend and see what happens, it seems the more I move it the better it is, when I sit it seems to seize up. Think I will get some more ice and go for the RICE method for an hour. I hope I can practice tomorrow, just when I thought it was going well and I was loving the environment. Be careful out there!


9 Responses to “Bali day 3 – Disaster strikes”

  1. yogamum Says:

    Oh no! I hope it’s okay. You might look into an x-ray just in case there’s a stress fracture or something. Take care!

  2. abbychaya Says:

    ooh kev that sounds awful! I hope you recover and can enjoy the rest of the retreat.. It doesn’t sound like you broke anything but yes prob best to get an exray.. ouch.. ! take good care abbyxx

  3. susananda Says:

    Oh no 😦
    Well, at least it’s moving. I guess you may have to modify your practice, but hopefully not too much. Keep RICEing and hope it feels much better tomorrow..

  4. Wayne Says:

    K – so sorry to hear this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks guys, bruising suddenly came out in practice this morning, shame I cant upload a photo of the black/blue green foot.

  6. yogamum Says:

    Freaky! I hope it’s feeling better after the chameleon color change!

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Kristi,

    It does feel a bit better today, to begin with it was ok in practice, but it starts to hurt after a while

  8. Arturo Says:

    ay, so sorry, an injury and from a fall from handstand, and when you’re on retreat with dena. it seems from further reading that you’re doing better. there must be some reason why we sometimes fear certain asanas – if we don’t do them right, we can hurt ourselves. on the other hand there is within us the spirit of a child that is willing to take on difficult practices and enjoy them, with a sense of wonder. that is why we try.

    i do remember what you say about dena’s mode of teaching. as you are progressing, she starts withdrawing, to see if you can hold a position correctly yourself.


  9. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo,

    I didnt really fear handstand, just lacked confidence in what I was doing. Sense of wonder is right, especially when I manage something like handstand. I couldnt do it as a kid, nvere thought I would even attempt it as an adult!

    Dena is a brilliant teacher, she is the best I have ever practised with.

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