Bali Day 4 – Rainbow foot

MY injured ankle foot was sore and stiff first thing, it definitley improves with movement and the hot shower on it. Practice had to have some modifications though as straightening the foot is painful, maybe a stress fracture or tendon, I dont know, its just so bloody frustrating. So updogs in vinyasas were lazy as I couldnt stand having the weight in the foot at that angle. Triang Mukha and Janu B were also out, plus Mari B & D on the second side, no chance of it doing lotus, so did the cheating beginners version with the foot on the floor. Halfway through practice I looked down to see that my foot had gone through a colour change, black, blue, greeny grey, I would upload a picture if I knew how, the bruising has come out with a vengeance.

I didnt want to shorten my practice so spent longer in postures that were possible, a lot of wriggling further into Supta Kurmasana, then a gentle adjustment of the feet from Dena. Surprisingly Baddha Konasana was not too bad. Did lots of backbends today, seems to take me a couple to get going, then do 3 or 4 good grounded ones, which feel stable enough to straighten my hands, Dena told me yesterday to point my middle finger at my feet. Then dropbacks again, yippeee.

Dena may have found one of the causes of the last few months neck stress, which has got worse as my quantity of practice has increased. When I jump through my right hand is grounded and takes the weight, but the left lifts, even with her attempting to hold it down, so need to work on this, even out the weight distribution and level the stress on my neck and shoulders.

After backbends she got me doing handstands again, getting back on the bike, before fear and resistance can set in. She had me bunny hopping, carefully! Then took me vertical for 10 breaths, I need to find the focus point for my eyes, but at least the exit was gentle and painless today.

So a better practice than I thought I would be able to manage and again straight to the massage place to undo my tension. I think yesterday my body went from stretched and limber from practice to shock and shrivelling up and going rigid, I could feel it today, nothing was as open.

I think an X-ray will have to wait, I dont want to waste a day getting to somewhere, if it has not improved by the time I get home, I’ll try the NHS.

Thanks to all who commented yesterday with advice and good wishes.


One Response to “Bali Day 4 – Rainbow foot”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Glad your foot is (cautiously) better. FWIW, I broke my little toe jumping through in a workshop awhile back so I’m a member of “Club Rainbow Foot”!

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