Bali Day 6 – Counted

A very traditional counted practice this morning, first one I have done the whole way through since Easter stopped teaching us this back in March, I have got so used to self practice now that it seems weird to have to work to someones elses count.

Standing were good, but Dena counts quite quickly so a couple of times I was only just getting into a posture when she was already on 2 or 3, and as for poses like Marichyasana B & D I need more time and have got used to having it, also with backbends I only got 2 in, I need the time to set my hands and mentally go through engaging udiyana etc before raising. Rest of closing felt quite easy, I like Halasana and could stay in that for quite a while.

Had a foot massage after practice and a little wander round town, before a picnic back at base. 4pm practice began with a question and answer session, Dena is wonderful at explaining yoga beyond asana, I could listen to her for hours. We didnt doing any asana this afternoon, think some people are struggling, its been pretty full on practice, which is what I wanted. My foot is less colourful today, though still very restricting.

Moon day tomorrow, no morning practice, just something in the afternoon, Dena told us to rest and not rush around wearing ourselves out doing stuff. I plan to stretch a little, massage, walk and not much else, it would be nice if the sun would appear, its not cold by any means, but its humid and the washing doesnt dry, I have run out of yoga singlets, they are definitley good for 1 practice only, they are saturated.


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