Bali Day 7 – The Afternoon

Got back from lunch, had a rest then did an hour of my own practice before the scheduled 4pm session. Thought I would do the poses I enjoy and the 2nd series backbends I find helpful, but dare not try and insert into my morning Primary series practice in this company. My foot is better again today, still can’t bare to jump in a jump through or back, but it stood up to a few Ustrasanas and Laghu Vajrasanas, followed by UD and Cary’s wall walking. Also got into bunny hopping practice ready for the mornings handstands.

By the time 4pm came round I was nicely warmed up. Straight into it with Surys A & B’s, then more Surya’s but with all kinds of (uncomfortable) variations including Pasvakonasana twists with binds, which I quite like, Virabadrasanas, balances, more Ustrasanas, if I had known I wouldnt have done so many in my own practice, lots of backbends culminating in 10 up and down Urdva Dhanurasanas, not that I managed all 10. It was a pretty full 100 minutes of asana practice, I enjoyed it, though she keeps you guessing. Only 20 minutes or so of chanting, the chanting she does has changed in the last year, its now quite deep, quiet and inward looking as opposed to previous years outward looking, joyful, happy clappy style.

Decided not to venture out this evening, I am quite tired, a picnic tea, an jour blogging and e-mailing then to I hope an 8 hour Savasana until its time to once again get on the mat at 7am


2 Responses to “Bali Day 7 – The Afternoon”

  1. susananda Says:

    Sounds SO lovely. It’s relaxing just reading your blog!

  2. Kevin Says:

    It is so lovely!

    Mind and body in such a good place

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