Bali Day 8 – Humidity helps

Back to full Primary this morning, not led at all this morning, just let loose with a general comment to the room not to rush through standing, though I know it was aimed at me! Nice to be able to find my own way though, she got me to take a wider stance in Parivrita Trikonasana so that the back is lengthened. Nice to spend longer in Prasarita’s, able to let my hamstrings stretch out on their own. Seated were nice today, it felt more natural doing practice as I normally would.

My injured foot/ankle is progressing, no swelling and its no longer black and blue, though it doesnt kinda look right. Some poses are coming back, I can do updog again in the vinyasas, but every so often I forget and it bites back, like when I just automatically went into Triang Mukha and came out pretty sharpish, though I have found a way of doing Janusirsasana B by taking the weight into my left hand and grabbing the toes with the right, not correct I know but I can get the feeling of the stretch at least. Jumping forward is a pain, as soon as I lift up onto the toes to jump my instep objects, so it has become a “hop through” as opposed to a jump. At least I am working through it. Its not just the temperature here, but the humidity that helps, especially in poses like Supta Kurmasana, its much easier to wriggle in much further than I can in an atmosphere that is just hot, as opposed to hot and humid, my arms are way back and my feet are damn near crossed by the time Dena comes to pretzel me up, todays was a great one, today instead of being passive she got me to actively engage the foot bind, then took them behind my head and lifted me, then the usual exit, though I know I forgot to breathe, must get the hang of that.

Backbends are fun, I actually look forward to them rather than having 3 crap attempts and abadoning them until next time. Practice is settling so that some people are finished by the time I get to backbends, some dont/cant do them and then there are a few of us all waiting for assistance, as Dena is here on her own, we sometimes get a backlog. For me this helps, I dont mind waiting, today I sneaked in Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana, fully expecting to be told off for doing stuff beyond what I have been formally given, then did 5 Urdva Dhanurasana and some cross arm hang backs before I found her waiting at the front of my mat for dropbacks, I got to do 4 today, she said going down is good, but coming up is jerky, but my backbends have come an awful long way since March.

A really nice satisfying practice, despite the restrictions my foot is having on it. Brekky followed by a lovely strong massage, this is the life, practice having a proper place in my schedule, without the worry of “fitting it in”. Time for lunch


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