Bali Day 8- My favourite place

I love this place

I love this place


This is the Bali Buddha cafe, its my favourite place in Ubud, they serve wonderful organic food in the cafe upstairs, below is a lovely shop which sells my bags of granola, beautiful cakes and some of the scrummiest scones I have ever had. I had a lovely dinner there this evening after practice, sitting upstairs by the balcony watching the world go by below. At least doing 5 hours of yoga each day I can eat what I like, though I tend to eat less when I travel anyway, especially in hot places, though I probably havn’t drunk enough. I have begun to notice that my shorts are baggier around my waist, and that Marichyasana is easier with less for the arm to go around and I can almost touch my foot in Ardha Baddha, that’s progress. Maybe being lighter is helping my Urdva Dhanurasana, less weight to push up. Time to sleep.


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