And the wind did blow!

The view from my mat in Bali.

Typhoon Nuri

Typhoon Nuri bending trees.

From one extreme to the other in 3 days, from the peace and calm of practice in Bali to a force 9 typhoon Nuri in Hong Kong.

I managed to upload a video of the lovely walk we had each morning to the shala in Bali here.

After my last post I holed up in my hotel, as the lull from the eye of the storm had passed over and the wind and rain returned, getting stronger and stronger, I saw awnings ripped from shops, neon signs crashing and banging, debris flying down desserted streets, I knew I had to lie low. About 4am on Saturday morning I was woken by the most deafening screaming wind force I have ever heard, it sounded like a train hitting the side of the hotel, there followed all kinds of noise as stuff crashed and banged outside. My hotel room did not have curtains, it had wooden shutters you pulled across, I was glad of them as I was on the 2nd floor, level with many of the signs and awnings that could easily have smashed through my windows. I read later that falling glass and debris had injured someone a street away. It was a noisy, interesting night.

I gave up at 7.30am and got up to see what was happening, the wind had died down, we were now at Force 4, down to a tropical storm, but the rain was coming down in stair rods. My mood didn’t improve when I slipped in the shower and re-hurt the foot/ankle I injured falling out of Handstand the week before. I didnt want to waste my last day, so borrowed an umbrella and ventured out, getting the MTR to Lantau to see the Big Buddha, unsurprisingly the cable car was closed, but there was a bus, the Buddha sporadically became visible through the low clouds and rain. Had an hour taking photos then thought I must be nuts, the only other tourists were a pair of aussies, headed back to Hong Kong for a lovely jacket potato lunch and a couple of rides on the now running Star Ferry. The sun came out, so wandered and shopped before it was time to collect my bag and head for the airport.

The airport was very busy with all the passengers who had got stuck the day before, I thought things were going well as we boarded the Cathay flight on time, THEN we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours in over 100 degrees as the airline decided we must wait for transfer passengers whose flights were late, they arrived in dribs and drabs until we finally took off at 1.30am. At least we got out, the departure board was a mass of red, you could follow Nuri’s path by which flights were being cancelled heading into mainland China.

Finally landed at 7.30 this morning, Susan had kindly texted to say no practice today or tomorrow, the centre is closed for the holiday weekend, so managed to get a bus most of the way home. I am now desperately tired, but trying to stay awake until I can reasonably go to bed and hope to sleep through. I am also in 2 minds as to whether I should spend tomorrows bank holiday waiting in line for an x-ray on my foot.


4 Responses to “And the wind did blow!”

  1. tracy Says:

    loved your video~so lush and green..nice.
    i was curious about your flight on Cathay…were thinking of flying that airline in Feb to India. Did you enjoy it?

  2. susananda Says:

    Wow, so beautiful! I like the stillness and lushness but with all the noises in the background. What contrast, then a typhoon, and all that travelling… pretty intense.

    Good thing bank holiday tomorrow! Hope the foot recovers quickly.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Hi Tracy, the video is a nice reminder of a lovely place. Re Cathay, not sure where you are, but to start with their check-in at Lononds T3 is shambolic. Transfer at Hong Kong between flights was good, but all the flights were late. On Saturday night if they knew we were going to be held for 2 hours waiting for joining passengers it would have been far better to stay in the terminal rather than cooped up in a plane seat in over 100 degrees. The inflight entertainment is quite good, though wasnt that impressed with the food.

    Susan its funny mentioing the noises in the background, you kind of shut them out when you practice, but birds and frogs are quite a contrast to the sirens on a Sunday morning! Will have to see what happens with my foot.

  4. tracy Says:

    thanks kevin! leaving from San Francisco….we shall see!

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