The travelling is the killer

Up again at 5am to go to practice. Amazing how the numbers change, last week around 15 people doing practice, this week just 3, what gives? A steady standing series, nice adjustments helping to open my chest in Parivrita Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana. Left alone until UHP, some weeks this adjustment feels good and sometimes… Though this has a lot to do with my right hamstring, which is incredibly tight, despite all the practice I do.

Charlie is not one for interupting your flow, an odd comment here or there and helpful adjustments, like in Marichyasana A, also comment about bringing my chest into play more in Navasana. No adjustment in Supta K today, so my feet didn’t cross, though they are oh so annoyingly close. After the vinyasa following Supta K. I just felt wiped out, my ujayi had turned into a grunt. Two days of travelling into London, all the walking yesterday and my foot problems, it was as if my energy supply had gone past the red and the engine had stopped. I carried on, but it took much more mental effort and engagement. Closing backbends again not great, though this is partly down to not being able to trust my foot, A) not to give way, B) Not to slide out from under me and send my head crashing to the floor. As I lift and put weight through my foot, I can feel discomfort, Charlie tried to get me to lift onto my toes, to change the focus of my weight, but my foot was not up for that game. I actually did 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana’s, but only 2 I was at all happy with. The weekend action has caught up with me, I could quite happily have slept in Halasana. It feels like I am having to re-learn Sirsasana, after being unable to do it for 10 days because of my grazed arm. It is a posture I have always struggled with and as for Cary’s Ardha addition, I am afraid she is going to be disappointed with my progress when I see her next week.

Bella said to me yesterday that you learn more about your practice and your body when you are injured, I think she is right, but now I am torn between doing my practice, but being slightly mentally not in the practice as I worry about my foot hurting or maybe giving way on me again and maybe my foot not needing to be put through something so dynamic. How do you judge?

As usual though I am happy I went and practised, its “me-time”, its special and I can’t do without it, but now its 2.30pm and Match of the Day is not on until 10pm, I feel absolutley whacked out and tired, my head is thumping and my foot is aching, I need a Moon day, when is the next one?


2 Responses to “The travelling is the killer”

  1. susananda Says:

    I’m sure Cary won’t be disappointed with you, disappointment FOR you more like, you’re injured! She knows all about it, having broken her toe a few months back!

    Ardha sirsasana will still be there, it isn’t going anywhere.

    I was so sore I skipped practice yesterday, and got up late today feeling sore and very blah, I am going to do some self-practice here with Matthew Sweeney’s book. I feel crap about it, but… let’s make an effort not to berate ourselves.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Disappointed and frustrated with injury, its so annoying when things were happening, especially being “given” Ardha, then not being able to try and make it work.

    Wonderd where you got to, amazed just 3 of us.

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