Just standing & Knitbone anyone?

I wanted to practice this evening after a day of sitting, but after standing I was just not mentally “in it”, I plodded through to Janusirsasana B, which I immediately regretted after sitting on my right foot, aaaah shit that hurt! So decided that as my mind really wasnt on the job to call it a day before I did anymore damage. 3 good practices in a row seems to be my limit lately.

Someone has suggested as well as strapping my foot to try something called Comfree, also known as Knitbone. I am getting to the point of frustration with this stress fracture to try anything. I thought the injury was around the ankle bone, but after the stress its had over the weekend, with walking and practice I woke up with pain slightly higher up above the ankle, I am sure this is the area I was grabbing on to for dear life when I originally did it and D was trying to prize my hands off to asess the damage, that was the area that swelled at the time. But since then the pain has been around the ankle bone itself and below. Is it a case that you can injure an area, but the pain manifests elsewhere, Has anyone tried knitbone?

So maybe I just need a rest, time for tea and a leaf through the programme for the yoga show 2008 which arrived today. I wouldnt mind going but a tenner is a bit steep to get in.


5 Responses to “Just standing & Knitbone anyone?”

  1. Nairam Says:

    Uff, your description made me feel your pain!!! Hope your foot recovers soon!

  2. susananda Says:

    I think that when we have to use the injured body part, it makes the pain travel. My wrist thing is the same, it’s more diffuse but all over my hand now.

    Have you been to the yoga show? I went once a couple of years ago and wasn’t that impressed, but I’ll have a look through the programme this year and see if anything appeals. Lots of shopping too…

  3. Kevin Says:

    No Never been to the yoga show, as I will be at YP to practice thought my as well go and have a look.

  4. abbychaya Says:

    its just shopping kevin.. but this year, for my sins, I am there.. promoting my tt and other stuff.. Got roped into it via camyoga and the YS themselves being a bit pushy.. Be good to see you there.. I have free tix! give me your address will post you a couple xxx

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks Abby, see you there.

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