Its cold

Practice last night ended up being a kind of freestyle effort that would never be allowed at the Shala. I began with seated as they have been neglected since Sunday, I got as far as Mari C, D wasn’t on the cards, then Navasana and Buja. Then did some standing poses. The problem is the weather has definitley turned, its cold at night when I get to practice. Did a few second series backbends and a really cheating Pasasana, using the bed to lever myself round, but for all that I didnt produce so much as a bead of sweat. I felt I couldn’t stretch, I just wasnt warm enough.


6 Responses to “Its cold”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Here it is insolent cold, too. My body does not really get warm. And right now I have again cold feet, because I was outside.


  2. Kevin Says:

    I need warmth to practice. I hope Berlin will be hot in July!

  3. Nairam Says:

    ;( Sorry to hear about the cold. But you are trying and producing internal heat (even if it doesn’t show in the exterior), and that’s the important part.

  4. susananda Says:

    It is getting cold, isn’t it?

    Kevin, when it’s cold why do the standing poses after seated ones? they’re there to warm up your joints before you get into more delicate positions like mari D. I can’t imagine starting practice with seated like you often do (though I guess with 3rd series this is what they do!). When freestyling it always seems a natural sequence to do the standing postures before anything else..?

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hi Susan,
    There is method in my apparent madness.
    During the week what with work, life,travel club
    and family I rarely seem to have the time to do
    a whole Primary series, I always practice between
    5.15-6pm when I get home, but after that time is a problem,
    and I have found that inevitably some parts, usually
    from Navasana onwards get omitted.So come Saturday or Sunday
    they come as a shock to the system. So to make sure
    all the asanas get a chance during the week I rotate
    what I do after the sun salutations, hence why I began
    with seated. Its not ideal I know and may be dangerous
    as I am not warmed up enough,but at least my body gets
    to do them all. One evening I have been concentrating
    on Hips and Backbends, doing the 2nd series ones, Cary would
    probably not let me do, like Salabhasana, Ustrasana etc.
    If you have any suggestions about how best to fit a practice
    in let me know, if there a better order or poses I could omit etc.

  6. susananda Says:

    I don’t know, it’s difficult… I don’t have any genius ideas, but I would always try to fit in at least some of the standings before seated. I don’t really like the idea of starting primary in the middle of it either, but I guess that may be necessary as you say, to prevent a shock to the system..

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