More Criminal activity+Ostepoath 2

Susan asked why I started the other day with seated, then complained that I wasnt warmed up. Well last night after the Surya’s I went for closing, doing lots of criminal second series backbends,  I would never be allowed to get away with at the Shala, before some not bad Urdva Dhanursana and the rest of closing. I even brought Sirsasana and a very inept Ardha Sirsasana back into play. Followed with some seated forward bends. My reasoning behind all this criminality is that its rare in the week to have the time and focus to do a whole Primary series. When I get home from work I have 45 minutes when I can do some practice, if I have time later on I  return to the mat and do some more, but I was finding that many asanas during the week were not getting a run out at all, so I came to the conclusion that if I rotate what I do afterthe Suryas in that first 45 minute slot, then at least I would get to do all the asanas during the week and they would not be such a shock to the system at the weekends when I practice with Michaela and Cary at the Shala. Its not an ideal solution and going straight to seated I wasnt warmed up enough, but at least I practice.

This morning it was another trip to the Osteopath, she was pleased with my progress, I have been fairly diligent in doing the exercises she gave me and my QL muscles are finding more space to work in, I can feel the difference. It was quite a deep therapy, deep massage, then the cracking, stretching and manipulation only Osteopath’s seem to do. She said the way my vertebra and back muscles seem to work, that yoga has been a good thing for me, she said without it and having a relatively sendentary job I would probably be having real back problems by now. She checked my foot again and has given me some balance exercises to do, so that when my foot eventually heals I don’t stay lopsided where I have been favouring my left side. The exercise are done on a tightly rolled up towel, standing lengthwise, like on a tight rope and horizontally across the towel, focussing straight ahead, the body naturally making minor adjustments to keep the balance. Doing it on something soft stops my foot getting stressed. She said it will take a while before my foot is healed, but with the exercises and doing yoga I am doing a lot to help myself. BUT I HAVE TO BE PATIENT!


2 Responses to “More Criminal activity+Ostepoath 2”

  1. susananda Says:

    Sounds like a good osteo! And balancing on the towel sounds like an excellent thing to do, I’ll remember that.

  2. Kevin Says:

    The standing stretch she gave me has been good, I can feel the difference, especially at work, I am not slouching as much or am at least conscious of when its happening. The towel (or yoga mat) walking/balancing is good. She also got me doing pigeon pose, saying not only is it good for loosening the hips, but also for the QL. Having found her via yellow pages, she’s been excellent, sensible advice, good treatment and good explanations of what is going on and why.

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