I am aching!

Practice today was a mixture of pleasure mixed with moments of almost agony, my hamstrings are still protesting 6 hours after I finished. Cary had got the shala nice and warm this morning, I love to practice in a warm room, where you feel safe to stretch out, quite a big attendance today, this brings a nice energy. Apart from the usual squish in downdog during the Surya’s I didn’t get adjusted at all in standing, unless you count my palms being pushed together in Virabadrasana.

Seated were another matter, I didnt think my Dandasana was that bad, but, it was shoulders back, hands flat, arms straight, drishte, everything got amended. Having watched a bit of the Kino dvd last night I was more conscious of trying to jump up more and through in the vinyasas as well today, it made me concentrate on them more at least. Left alone until Marichyasana D, having managed A-C ok, I was doing “D” with the arm on the outside of the leg, concentrating on the twist, then Cary asked if I would like to try and bind, something I have hardly managed since Bali, first side felt good once my hands got joined, Cary then adjusted the twist much much much more, it was good to be taken there. I was worried about the second side, my right (injured) foot in lotus has ranged from painful to completely excruciating of late. She let me get my foot in place first to see how it felt, then again took me into the bind, I only managed about 3 breaths before my foot objected, but that’s progress of sorts, though there is now way currently I could have done that on my own.

She upgraded Supta Kurmasana from fun to tortuous today! I was quite deeply in on my own, hands bound, but rather than bind my feet and lift me, she got me alternately pressing the big toes together, then the heals, then all the toes, then heals and toes, how can such a relatively simple action be such incredibly hard work? I actually felt nauseus as I came out, the following Titibhasana was a physical impossibility. Baddha Konasana, though being adjusted is hard, I actually don’t mind it (yes I know I have said that about Supta K over the last few months, but all bets are off now!), I almost got my head to the floor. I used to be able to do part 2 of Baddha, putting the head on the feet, but now I am getting further with part 1, I can only just about do part 2.

It was another day when the more Urdva Dhanurasana I did, the better they got, though I have to say I was VERY tired by this point and wimped out on trying any kind of dropping back experiments. At least shoulder stand sequence is a rest of a kind before Matsyasana, where I got told to close my mouth, Ujayi breath and drishte my nose! This used to be the point where my mind said I was home and dry, but no longer, Cary’s little Ardha Sirsasana addition to my practice, means the challenge lasts until the end. I tried a couple today, no help/adjustment, not sure if she saw my efforts (bet she did), second attempt I couldn’t go back up with straight legs, had to fold them in before re-raising, but at least they didnt touch the ground. Practice practice, it will come.

Practice seems to have taken on a new challenging dimension again, but I enjoyed it, though I am now doing a good impression of a physical wreck. Practice evolves, I just have to get my head around the fact that it will never end, there is no end and even if there was an end I would never get there.

 On the way back to Euston I went via Sainsbury’s (Pain au Raisin habit) and Drummon St, where yoginis and yogis were departing that shala, we gave each other knowing smiles as we passed, you can tell the yoga students, we all have that look after we have done our practice.


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