Moonday on cue

I don’t know about anyone else, but this Moonday has fallen at about the right time. I was pretty wiped out from practice yesterday, my legs are still aching and its something of a relief not to have to justify an excuse in my own mind for not getting on my mat and plodding through Primary. That said, I will do some of Easter’s yin poses to keep things open ready for when it starts again tomorrow.

It’s also given me chance to catch up with all the travel club end of month stuff and to start writing my blurb/crib sheet for Saturday when I have to present the London meeting. Although over the last 5 years or so I have given talks and lectures there on many occassions, it’s the first time I have been responsible for running the whole thing, its amazing how many little odds and ends there are that keep in excess of 100 people entertained and happy for 3 hours. I first attended some 15 years ago, sitting at the back, I never thought I would end up at the front with the microphone and a Director when it became a Limited Company. At least I have practice in the morning first at TLC, hopefully with Michaela pushing me along, my only problem is in that dark, warm room later on, I can’t nod off at the back with the other yoga bunnies who sit on the table at the back!


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