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Tres yoga freebie + massage

September 20, 2008

I thought I was never going to get there, I sat on a non moving Northern line train, trapped, watching my watch tick round for 15 minutes before we eventually moved again at the speed of a slug. Eventually got to Sloane Sq and literally had to run (read hobble) over Chelsea bridge to Tres for the free ashtanga yoga practice with Gingi and Bella. Just about made it, Bella dividing people between the 2 rooms into those with a practice and those who had  come for a taster. I ended up in the corridor between the 2 rooms, but that was ok, practised next to A. but we were divided by a glass partition. I knew a few of the yogis, who were all in the already have a  practice room. We were led through to Triang Mukha, though having a glance into the “other” room, I think many had wilted after the sun salutations in there. I thought it was then going to be closing, but delighted to find that we were being let loose into self practice, while Bella led the other room through closing, you could hear an audible sigh of relief from in there when she put them in Savasana!

Some nice adjustments from Gingi in Mari A & C, even managed B on both sides, but the stress I had put my foot through to get there was catching up, I tried D but the pain was horrible, so just did the cheat version. However as my foot doesnt need to do much in Supta Kurmasana, that was a really good one, had bound my own hands (which proves you dont have to be a veggie to do it Angelina!) and got my feet almost there when help arrived to cross them, once they are crossed I can keep the bind quite comfortably and even lifted a little, woo hoo this is coming. By this time I had been moved into the room proper, but its quite small (12 mats) so postures like Upavistha and Supta Padang are difficult, especially as I was next to the wall. Closing was hard, the strap on my foot was too tight, I couldn’t get any grip for Urdva Dhanurasana, I did 2 but could feel my strapped up foot sliding out. At leat my favourite part of the practice felt good, Halasana, Karna Pidasana, easy peasy, love them asanas. Sirsasana was the first I had done in a week or so, because of my grazed arm, it took me 3 goes to get vertical, could sense A. was glad to be 5 mats away from my potential crash out. I didnt have the control for Ardha and didnt want to land on someone so finished the rest of closing.

An enexpectedly satisfying practice, I thought I was just going for a fun led through and ended up with a mysore, Bella and Gingi give nice adjustments and made it a very worthwhile trip into town. Followed by nibbles and a drink, nice to have the time for a chat after practice too. But this turned out not to be the end, once we had vacated the room a couple of massage therapists set up to give free 20 minute head, neck & shoulder massages. Once fully open, Tres will have therapists, Physios, Osteopaths as well as classes in yoga, Pilates etc and they wanted to promote that part of the set up as well as the yoga. Have to admit E. tipped A and I off about the massage so we were first in the queue, but it was a really lovely, relaxing way to end the morning, not a strong massage, but very relaxing.

Rather than come straight home I then went to the free food festival on the south bank, (Nibbles don’t fill a starving ashtangi), testing a few of the freebies on offer, muesli bars were tasty and ended up buying a slice of the tea bread. So free yoga, free massage and free food, what more could an ashtangi want.


Just the reality

September 19, 2008

No more yoga dreams, just the reality of doing practice when I got home after a tedious day at work. Nice practice in the late afternoon sunshine, full Primary, plus extra backbends, quite fast as well, when I know I have the time for it all in one go, I am quite good at getting on with it, didn’t even suffer yogic ADD during the backbends! Only poses I left out where Sirsasana and Ardha, no not cos I am crap at Ardha, the new pose Cary has bestowed on me, but because the scab has come off my arm and its red, open and a bit raw. I’ll try and find a plaster for tomorrows free yoga at the new place, just in case we do Sirsasana. Hopefully I’ll find a skin coloured one otherwise I wont look a very good advert for yoga with a strapped up foot and arm, more like yoga victim!

Well it’s Friday night, I have done practice, what do I do now? Well in this backwater there’s nothing to do. There are advantages to living in the sticks, its quiet, relatively crime free, if you discount Mondays armed robbery, lovely countryside, when they are not building houses on it. But there’s no yoga and no stimulation.

Crisps and Practice

September 18, 2008

For anyone across the Pond these are what you call “chips”. Anyhow the Slovak girl who works with us looked amazed at lunchtime, most people have some sandwiches, cake, fruit etc for their lunch, but nearly everyone who has sandwiches has a bag of crisps to go with them. We love crisps here in the UK, we have a multitude of flavours and shapes, even after those EU idiots banned the Hedghog flavour ones (and they wonder why the UK population would leave the EU tomorrow). Slovak girl was gobsmacked as we all tucked in (I had bacon flavour today). She said they only ever have them for a special treat, like a birthday party etc, but not on a daily basis like we do. After we explained to her that you HAVE to have crisps with your sarnies, we then introduced her to crisp sarnies, an english delicacy if ever there was one, the intricate art of fitting them under the spread, then squashing them flat. At this point she left the room, stunned and shaking her head. She’ll probably grass us up to the EU morons, who will no doubt try and ban our crisp sarnies next. Dont get me started I hate the EU, apart from not having to have my passport stamped when I go to Germany, the only thing the EU has done for us, is cost us money.

Practice tonight was again a two part affair, backbends and hip opening when I got home, then 75 minutes to get to Navasana and another backbend later on, I just finished and am now having a cuppa as I type. I didn’t go further because I managed to knock the scab off my sliced elbow, Buja and Kurmasana could have been messy. My right hamstring is still mega tight compared to the left, but the twists are feeling better, especially with doing the Osteopath stretches before and after practice.

Vivid yoga dreams

September 18, 2008

Despite having yoga ADD when I practice at home, when I dream of yoga I have no such problems. After I had practised and blogged last night I was surfing and came across Kino video on Youtube, the postures were not too out of this worldish and looked humanly possible for us mear mortals. I must have gone to sleep with it on my mind, as I woke this morning having had one of the most vivid yoga dream ever, doing the poses from the video. I will have to try them for real now just to see if I was dreaming!

2 hours and still not all of it

September 17, 2008

What happens when I practice at home? I know I faff, I stop for dinner, I return to the mat 2 hours later and try and pick up from where I left off. If you add in the handstands and morning backbends while I wait for the toast, I am doing over 2 hours practice. It was better today though, standing were better, until the bandage started to unwind after the Trikonasanas, then I go back into protection mode, ultra aware of the stress fracture, practice loses its momentum and energy and I plough on as far as Utkatasana before the Shepherds pie is ready. 2 hours later I am back, 5 Surya B’s then back on from where I left off. Seated with foot induced modifications, then forget myself as I pull on my feet in Ubhaya and the sharp pain in my foot brings tears to my eyes, bail out on that and head for closing.

Despite having done vinyasas between sides and poses I am still not that warm, winter is coming here, its cold, so backbends are not brilliant. That’s where some of the time goes, with my extra backbends and the extra time I seem to take doing Urdva Dhanurasana at home, when there is no teacher likely to turn up and ask why I am just seeming to lay there with nothing happening inbetween lift offs. I tried Sirsasana again tonight, it hurts my arm too much still, the graze has a big scab now, but its still mega sore, red and horrible. Savasana was well deserved.

I really need the heat, energy, teaching and all round good vibe of practice at the Shala, it just doesnt seem to happen at home, despite the fact that I do practice most days, its just not the same.

Booking spaces

September 17, 2008

A bit of a short practice last night, standing plus some closing poses and handstand bunny hopping, followed by the Osteopath’s exercises. The standing one she has given me has been quite effective, I notice I am sitting better at work and am less achy on the left side. Hopefully tonight I will have time for a more meaningful practice.

Last night I spotted a couple of workshops I really want to do next year, although neither is on the Shala’s websites where they are taking place yet, they are on the individual teachers websites, so decided to e-mail them both to see if I can get my name down, one in Berlin and one in Zurich. Also managed to finally booka space for the free yoga this Saturday at the new place south of the river, the practice is to open the centre’s yoga part with nibbles after, should be fun especially as I know that some of the ex Friday night Counted practice yogis are doing it as well.

Happy Moonday

September 15, 2008

The full moon has been spectacularly bright, I don’t usually bother to close the bedroom curtains, but had to last night. Moanday Monday as usual at work, a week after Facebookgate, things are settling back into the usual disillusionment. There was a guy off sick, who was stupid enough to go to a party and get his picture taken dancing and pissed, said photo ended up on Facebook and was printed off by the management and he was duly fired. Now its the hunt for the supergrass, though the guy wasnt popular I have to say, he was definitley stitched up.

Feel a bit lost on Moon day, its nice not to feel an overhanging feeling of obligation to practice, but I just seem to be wasting time instead, will anyone grass me up if I go and do some backbends.

Yoga and Bandages

September 14, 2008

Up at 5am to get the usual bus into the city. Not a great practice today, I felt restricted, my hamstrings were mega tight and as for my first aid skills, they are obviously crap. My bandage strapping around my fractured foot started to unravel as I got into Trikonasana, so I ended up removing it and having a practice where I was constantly worried about my foot/ankle giving way. Looks like I will have to go back to the sticky stuff that rips the hairs and skin off when I remove it, oooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

 As I was being adjusted in Parivrita Trikonasana, Cary spotted the dire state of my grazed and sliced right elbow from where I fell the other night, stopped to explain what I had done, no I wasnt drunk etc, not that I drink anyway. Everything felt tight, I like the twists, but even they were not open today. Nice adjustment in Prasarita Padot C, enjoyed that one which was more than could be said for the adjustment in UHP, my hamstrings need to be more open to do this, Cary had a job keeping me upright.

Seated felt better, as I can step back in the vinyasa, but my foot started to be painful after I had jumped through a few times, it needs the support. Most (sensible) people with a stress fracture would RICE the foot in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate, letting the cracked bone heal, not do ashtanga 6 times a week, with all that jumping about! I did the problem postures sitting on a block, I know, not the done thing for ashtangi’s, but at least I could stretch in Triang Mukha and Janusirsasana B, I even maged Mari’s A-C, but everything is so tight at the minute that D was a non starter, ended up doing the cheats version, just to get the feeling of the pose. Supta K I bound my own hands, disappointingly no adjustment, so wriggled as far as I could.

Managed to sneak in some Ustrasanas before 5 not bad Urdva Dhanurasanas, I did have to  come to the ground after each, rather than onto the head, but resetting my hands and re-engaging before lift off makes them much more stable and controlled. I did some hanging back, but by this time my foot was getting really annoyed, so no dropping back. Adjusted in Shoulderstand today, a long time since that has happened, though I find it incredibly hard to not move my feet/legs when Cary is trying to move my hips, they just seem to follow! Then comes time for Sirsasana and Ardha, this was abysmal today, I had no core control, I did get vertical, but as I tried Ardha I went right over the top, narrowly missing the yogini to my left, I tried again, but I couldnt even get up in the air again. My grazed and sore elbow was not helping either, I think I was so aware of the pain from that that my mind wasnt on the job.

But at least I practised, even being this stiff and restricted, I suppose I would be even stiffer if I didnt practice. Practice still makes me happy, even when it feels restricted and frustrating, I am glad I went, there is such a good energy at YP, especially today, it was busy. I did do some of the Osteopath’s exercises before I left my mat. I know I need to be patient with my foot, but I’m getting fed up with it now.

Got back to Euston to find they had altered the train times, so after rushing through the tube, my foot now throbbing I had to wait 30 minutes for the next train home. Am now resting my foot, watching MOTD and drinking tea.

Plan 3!

September 13, 2008

Did some more practice this evening, Pasasana holding onto the bed for a nice twist, lots of hip opening and 20 minutes of backbends, then all the Osteo asanas. I know one thing, full practice is not possible without having my foot strapped up, so I have moved onto the 3rd attempt at this.

Plan 1 was the elasticated ankle bandage, but that wasn’t tight enough to be effective.

Plan 2 was the stretchy adhesive bandage, this worked quite well, but getting it off was agony as it pulled on the hairs and skin, though I got no sympathy from A. all she said was “you should try having your legs waxed if you want real pain!“.

Plan 3 I bought a proper bandage and have been experimenting at getting it tight, thats ok, but getting it to stay put only got resolved when I used some of Plan 2’s leftovers, talk about stick shit to a blanket! So hopefully I will have a reasonable practice tomorrow.

My only other problem I just found out is Sirsasana and Ardha, not because I am having difficulty doing Ardha, but because of my very grazed and scraped elbow from Thursday night, was very painful when I set up for headstand, I managed it, but if I do it that way in the morning Cary will probably tell me I am doing it wrong.

Lets see what the morning brings.


September 13, 2008
My new Yoga mat bag

My new Yoga mat bag


I got home from shopping this morning to find the postman had been and delivered me an extra birthday present all the way from my friend Susi in Australia. What a nice pressie my new mat bag is.

It’s quite cold today, after unwrapping my present I decided to get on my mat. Before the Surya’s I am doing the Osteopath asanas, will see if they make a difference, as I said its cold, I ploughed through to Janu B, but had the feeling something was more likely to snap than stretch and extend, so decided to stop and try again later. I like to do all the asanas, even slowly and individually before the highlight of the week, practice at YP with Cary on Sunday morning. My back needs to get more bendy than it is just now, but there seems to be a lot going on with my body just now, my foot is obviously the big problem and the modifications my body is making to compensate, including the stretches the Osteopath gave me as well is bringing a different dynamic.