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Vinyasa in the dark

October 31, 2008

Home early as usual on a Friday and straight into practice with a mug of tea by my mat, another criminal act, ha ha heee heee, but I like my tea. It was sunny when I started, but when I got to Marichyasana A, I suddenly realised it had got soooo dark, which made me think how much I miss the counted practice we used to do on Friday nights, often just by candle light, I still really miss Easter and the other yogi’s who made it such a lovely place to be on a Friday evening.

Supta Kurmasana is oh so nearly happening, I managed even on a chilly night to squirm my arms under to bind and without sitting on a block managed to get my right foot to cross over the left and bind, kind off, though yet again I then lost the hand bind once my feet were in place. I am really hoping in the warmer (sweatier) conditions of the shala tomorrow and Sunday that I will be able to wriggle my arms further under for a more solid hand bind and be able to do my own feet, if you hear a big happy “yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” around 9.15am you will know its happened. I am happy with where my practice is, but I could be oh so much more happy to be bound hand and foot in Supta K.

Its a manic weekend, practice first thing both Saturday and Sunday this week, Saturday I then have to eat and help run the travel club in the afternoon in London. Sunday after practice I will grab a sugar hit from somewhere before heading to Olympia for the Yoga Show and then home to see Hamilton’s attempt to be worlds best petrol head.

Alfias comment about electrolites to stop post practice headaches the other day, made me think that I was maybe doing the right thing all along without realising it, when I used to grab sugar lumps and gurgle water on the way home. Since changing to early morning mysore its been a good 2 hours until I get home and eat and drink, where as I used to grab some sugar and a bottle of water right after practice and never seemed to have this problem. Is sugar an electrolyte?


Nearly X’ed my feet

October 31, 2008

Steady practice last night, but not really warm enough for the elasticity to come into my hamstrings, they are really tight, spent a while in the Prasaritas trying to coerce them into stretching out a bit, though did surprisingly manage head to knee on second side of UHP.

I wanted to test my now recovering foot in Triang Mukha without a block last night, I have been using the block since the fracture as I couldn’t stand having the weight (pain) in the foot at all, but after the return of Janusirsasana B and jump backs in the last couple of weeks I decided it was about time to see if the pain would still be there. It was bearable, though I think some of the tendons still have a way to go, but the surprising thing was that I was actual level in the pose, ie didnt have the one sided tilt common to this pose, I think using the blocks has been helping in other ways apart from supporting mt foot.

Did an extra Navasana or 2 to try and generate some heat before Bhuja and Supta Kurmasana. On the second attempt at Supta K I found I could make my right foot slither up over the left for a bind, but in doing so lost the hand bind, there has to be a way of getting them both to stay put, but it looks like the Wispa wasn’t detrimental to my asana!

Backbends were not good, mainly because yet again I could not get the traction in my hands and feet to stop sliding out, so added in a few criminal 2nd series ones instead.

I gave in to temptation!

October 30, 2008

Well AC you will be pleased to know I gave in to my previously controlled yoga mind and bought a Wispa bar. It is now an ex Wispa bar, as just the wrapper is left on my desk. It was a fleeting joy that didn’t seem to last long once it was open. I am sure they are not as big as the ones we had when we were kids and have shrunk much like Curly Wurly’s seem to have and doubled in price, it shows my age but I can still remember going to the sweet shop with just 6p and buying a Mars bar.

I suppose the next question is how many repetitions of Navasana does it take to wear off the effects of the Wispa’s 210 choclaty calories and will my fingers still bind in Supta Kurmasana tonight.

The click is back

October 30, 2008

I know to take it careful, the day after a moon day. Slow Surya’s to stretch the hamstrings out, especially after a tedious day at the office in front of this pc, (yes I should be working, but can’t find the motivation). Second upward dog and the nice little click in the middle of my back returned. Its kind of a signal that my back is happy again as I curve upward there are a couple of little clicks that seem to signal things moving to where they are supposed to be.

As usual seated postures seem to be one step forward and two back, my hips and knees were anti lotus last night, so although I just about managed Mari B, with some coaxing, Mari D can best be described as an approximation only. Despite not being warm enough Supta K was quite deep, in a hotter, stretchier, sweatier environment like the shala it would have been a good one, luckily this weekend I get 2 shala practices to experiment with this one.

Did extra backbends, though UD wasnt that great in the end as I couldnt find the traction in my hands or feet to stop me sliding. Added on a few Vrksasanas for fun at the end. Its been a WFW (Wispa free week)so far this week, though I am passing the supermarket at lunchtime, so the temptation is there.

A white world

October 29, 2008

Practice has been a bit disrupted since Sunday. Monday night I began to practice, but made the mistake of having my laptop on, it wasn’t long before an e-mail chimed its way into the Inbox. It was from Marlyn, we began the yoga journey together quite a few years ago, she had to move to the west country with her husbands job a couple of years ago. Our yoga has taken parallel but different courses, both ashtangis, but I have remained a student, she has gone on to teach. It was great to hear her news and I didnt mind the interuption on a cold night.

I didnt realise yesterday was a Moon day until I read Alfia’s blog, I had been mentally preparing to practice when I got home as well as doing printer dropbacks during the afternoon at work. I was trying to blog last night when the power kept going off, I looked out expecting to see lightening, but was amazed instead to see everything was white, we rarely get snow here and certainly not in October. After the power had gone off for the 5th time I gave up and did some sun salutations, hip openings and backbends, though nothing like a full practice, but I was surprisingly bendy.

Hopefully tonight I can get back into my practice, I want to be open and ready for this weekends double shala practices, both Saturday and Sunday this week and maybe an odd workshop at The Yoga Show on Sunday too, I have never been to the show, but a kind yogini sent me a ticket, thanks Abby.

Headache after practice

October 26, 2008

This is the second week running I have got home from practice with a splitting headache and have slept in the afternoon. Lack of hydration, sugar, I don’t know, but its annoying, especially after a nice practice like todays.

No criminal activity today, even after meeting my fellow crim, AC,  on the escalator at BG Station. Once we arrived she took her usual place in the corner at the back where she hopes her crim activities wont be noticed, she should know its futile to try and hide! Its really quite appropriate for criminal activity to happen in BG, as its where the Krays, London gangsters, used to hang out in tghe 1950’s and 60’s. Can just imagine the local cops binding a Kray twin in Supta K and going “You’re nicked“.

Nice and warm in there today, really felt able to stretch that extra millimetre and jumped back and forth without my foot/leg playing up at the shala for the frist time since August. Lovely deep adjustment in Prasarita Padot C, I was expecting my shoulders to pop out of their sockets, not sure how near the ground I got. Adjusted in Parsvottanasana and then found Cary waiting at then end of my mat for UHP, luckily today I had done some warm up pigeon poses, so the adjustment wasn’t as excruciating as it sometimes can be.

Seated began well, as for the first time ever I managed to bind on the first side of Arda Badha Padme Paschimottanasana, especially considering  the lotus was with my stressed foot, usually the lotus doesnt get high enough that early in practice, so I was a little surprised to be able to grab the toe, as usual it’s a one side wonder, as I can get the lotus on 2nd side but cant twist myself round enough to grab the toe. Marichyasana’s A-C were good and a finger touch on D, couldn’t quite get the bind as I was a bit slithery. Supta Kurmasana foot bind is sure to be mine soon, I can nearly always bind my hands now, but my right foot just cant quite make it over the left without help, Cary encouraging me to get that foot up and over, but I kept toppling to the side, she eventually thought I had struggled enough and nudged it over into place, once its there I can bind and keep it there. The bum balances, Ubhaya and Urdva P,  were crap, well the coming up and over part was, I seemed to have spent all my energy, Cary made me have half a dozen goes at coming up, but basically I was knackered.

Closing today without my cheaters Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana etc before Urdva Dhanurasana, I did some bridges to try and open up before the full backbend, first 2 were almost straight up and down, 3rd one was better, it wasnt until my 4th UD that I managed to stay up there and breath. I think without being allowed to do my warm ups its going to be a while before I get 3 decent, stable, as prescribed UD’s. Cary stood right behind me this week for Matsyasana, reminding me about my drishte without having to do her windmill impression to get my attention. Sirsasana was good, but Ardha was woeful, I managed 1, then had to drop out on the second before going over the top, went up into Sirsasana again, but just did not have the energy to control my body.

I don’t know if it was the heat, I was drenched, the re-introduced jump backs or just having a more concentrated, focussed practice, but I was shattered afterwards, as I sat on the tube going home, someone spoke to me and it was ages before it registered, I had zoned out completely. As I left Cary asked if I was coming next week, of course I will be there, I just wish I could get there during the week. The extra hour in bed was nice last night, can we do that every week 🙂

Where do Saturday’s go?

October 25, 2008

Half the weekend has been and gone, I’ve achieved nothing apart from doing the shopping. I did practice this afternoon, but it wasnt warm enough to enjoy a good stretching, I had to be careful rather than carefree in my practice. There are still restrictions which no amount of heat seems to help, the foot/leg is still a problem, despite regaining my ability to jump back, the right hip is still very tight which restricts lotus poses and pisses my knee off and the niggle in my lower left back is stopping me twisting anywhere near as far as I know my body is capable of going, though I did manage a 3 second bind on the first side of Marichyasana D this afternoon. I have yet to do any backbends today, but may do some later.

Unless I have something specific going on at the weekend I seem to just fritter them away. When I used to do the counted practice on Friday nights with Easter, it seemed like the gateway to the weekend, my mind and body both relaxed and I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday, but now I have to wait until Sunday for my Shala practice I can feel that there is still the tension of the week under the surface, practice acts like a switch. My mind and body don’t seem to really relax until I get home after practice on Sunday and I chill out with a bucket of tea and my pain au raisins’ with the paper for a few hours. At least we get an extra hour in bed tonight.

Return of the jump back

October 24, 2008

Practice when I got home in a room warmed by the afternoon sunshine, practice felt nice once I got into the postures, so when I got to seated I decided to test my stress fractures recovery and jump back in the vinyasas, something I have not been able or dared to do in the 10 weeks since my Vrksasana mishap in Bali. Practice seems to have more energy and momentum when you jump rather than step and I certainly built up more heat which means the muscles obviously object less, I even almost bound on the first side of Marichyasana D, if a teacher had been at hand am sure it would have just been a case of them reuniting my fingers, second side was nowhere near. The extra  heat and energy made practice feel easier, easily bound my hands in Supta K despite not being sweaty enough, couldn’t get my feet to bind though. A non crim practice through the seated, done in under an hour, my mind was clearly connected and on the job today.

As I had time I had another go at the jumping into Bakasana experiment, can’t remember which pose in Primary this is supposed to happen in, Bhujapidasana?, but if I start from half of down dog length I have enough control to stop and balance, where as if I jump from full length, the extra momentum means overshooting and loss of control. Hopefully in time I will be able to elongate the jumping gap, but it’s a start. A pretty criminal closing with all my fun extra backbends followed by 3 satisfying Urdva Dhanurasana’s and some wall walking. My lower back has improved quite a bit the last few days, although the backbends and upward dog are no longer uncomfortable, when I was doing Sirsasana and especially Ardha Sirsasana, I was surprised to feel a nasty pinching in my left lower back, if it had occured in the backbends it wouldn’t have been a surprise, but in headstand??

By the time I finished it was getting dark, Savasana as the sun set. Nice to have a more open practice, with less objection from my body. Let the weekend begin.

Standing and closing

October 24, 2008

I managed to spend 80 minutes doing practice last night, but still only managed all of standing, a few pick n mix seated and a completely criminal closing sequence, that began with Pasasana, cos I felt like it, then went into Salabhasana, Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana and a probable life sentence inducing attempt at Kapotasana, which I quite like trying since the workshop, followed by wall walking and Urdva Dhanurasana, then back into the legal closing poses. Ardha Sirsasana I managed 2, but my legs probably didnt come down low enough, but I am wary of upsetting my neck.

So not a bad practice, but too many of the poses I shouldn’t be doing and too few of the ones I really should be working on, but nobody saw me. I promise to do a proper legal practice on Sunday at the Shala, but there’s still tonight and tomorrow before then!

2009 Moon days

October 23, 2008

I just got given my first 2009 diary, its a nice bound one, with lovely world maps in the back. I decided to look and see how the Moon days fall next year, ie how many Sunday ones there are, having managed to get from March 2008 through the rest of the year without one getting in the way of my Sunday Shala practice. Well there are 5 Sunday’s in 2009 that are a Moon day, the first being the first one back after the Christmas holidays on Sunday 11th January, so my yoga year will have to wait until 18th January to begin, though I can feel a criminal Saturday practice on 10th January may have to happen, I need my fix. If your yoga day is a Tuesday, then you only have one Moon day in 2009. Out of the 25 Moon days in 2009, Sunday has 5, Monday 5, Tuesday just 1, Wednesday 5, Thursday 5 and Friday and Saturday 2 each. Well that’s passed an hour, inside the final hour now.



As this post is getting lots of views, here is the full list of Moon days in the UK during 2009.

MON 26-Jan NEW
WED 25-Feb NEW
THU 26-Mar NEW
SAT 25-Apr NEW
SUN 24-May NEW
MON 22-Jun NEW
WED 22-Jul NEW
THU 20-Aug NEW
FRI 18-Sep NEW
SUN 18-Oct NEW
MON 16-Nov NEW
WED 16-Dec NEW