6 in a row

Home to my 6th daily full Primary series in a row. Easiy the worst of the week, I didnt have the energy and my shoulders are really aching from all the vinyasas. The last time I practised this intensley was in Bali and each practice there was followed by a massage, as opposed to being at home when its followed by dinner and sleep. I did do the whole practice tonight but it was a slog, I was determined to get there and have rewarded myself with not practising tomorrow night and instead heading to Cristina’s massage table for her to undo my shoulders and lower back, my shoulders are back up around my ears and my lower back is aching. I cant wait to get there, though I know from experience its not always that relaxing as she gets her elbows and sharp thumbs into painful places, Ujayi may come in useful when her elbow hits that top intercostal muscle.


2 Responses to “6 in a row”

  1. annabella Says:

    I love your criminal supta K!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have massages every day after practice? Or at least a few times a week….

  2. Kevin Says:

    I can imagine the look on Cary’s face if I tried to sneak in my criminal Supta K’s on a Sunday morning!

    Massage is just so expensive in the UK, its a treat. Daily massage after practice was heaven in Bali. Having a therapist like Cristina is great because she does yoga and she’s knows what you are talking about.

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