Massage & Jammy dodgers aaaahhhhhhhh

My only yoga today has been a few stretches before breakfast, Uttanasana, Trikonasana, Hangbacks and a few bunny hop handstands. My shoulders were aching when I went to bed last night and were still aching this morning. This evenings appointment with Cristina couldn’t come soon enough. She used her full repertoire of kneeding, heating, thumbs, elbows, hot stones and even knocking the stones together to try and free things up. My shoulders and neck really needed that hour, even though some of it was a bit uncomfortable and painful to say the least, especially around the bottom of each shoulder blade, but afterwards its just aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Cristina was also the one who worked out that wheat was the solution to my abysmal IBS problems 18 months ago, so she always asks how I’m doing, and if I have strayed from the wheat free existence. I was glad to report things are going ok for the most part, though the odd biscuit, not to mention Sunday Pain au raisin have crept up and said “Eat me!”. She also suggested taking calcium to try and help my stress fracture heal and some type of oily fish supplement as I don’t eat fish. She laughs at my hatred of fruit, she was telling me that another of her patients is having hypnotherapy in order to try and eat fruit. She has a sweet tooth like I do and told me to head to Waitrose on the way home as they are now selling wheat & gluten free Jammy dodgers, though at £1.43 they aint cheap, but as the advert says, I’m worth it.

My idea of heaven is now Yoga, Massage and wheat free Jammy Dodgers, aaaahhhh yummmmmmy


6 Responses to “Massage & Jammy dodgers aaaahhhhhhhh”

  1. annabella Says:

    What is a jammy dodger?

    – Anna (from New York)

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Anna,

    Jammy dodgers are round cookies, with baked hard jam in the middle. I grew up on them, the object is to try and eat the biscuit and save the jammy bit for the end. Since Cristina got me wheat free I have virtually given up cookies, hobnobs and jammy dodgers were among my favourites along with cow biscuits. And to now find a supermarket selling wheat and gluten free ones, yahhhoooo. Is yours a yoga blog, tried to have a look?
    This link takes you to a picture

  3. annabella Says:

    Oh, those cookies look delicious. There’s a vegan restaurant called Angelica’s Kitchen where they sell them, I think they have spelt? Mmm.

    Cow biscuits! I do love British treats.

    It’s a yoga plus real life blog, I went private and will send you an invite if you send me your email (I couldn’t find it on your profile). Annabel8282 at yahoo.

  4. Alfia Says:

    Hi, Kevin:

    I just found your blog – it is awesome!
    May I suggest for you to take your calcium with magnesium, since magnesium makes it easier for calcium to be absorbed? As for fruit, have you tried “simply fruit” – freeze dried versions of dried fruit? Your aversion to the real thing might be based on IBS, but the freeze dried ones are less likely to give you trouble. Sorry for unsolicited advice!

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hi Alfia,

    Any advice is welcome, am goinbg into town tomorrow so will have a look for calcium with magnesium, thanks for that, if its helps get it into the system.

    I have never eaten fruit, cant stand the texture, taste or pips. Though I love dried fruit sultanas, raisins etc. I have been having smoothies for kids, which is a start!

  6. annabella Says:

    Alfia is here too!

    (sorry, I just had to announce that)

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