Awesome-Unlike my practice

Thanks for describing my blog like that Alfia. I just write it for fun to keep a diary of my progress or lack there of in yoga and to vent my spleen about work and London transport, which again this weekend can only be described as crap! But I have to say the blog has turned into an unexpected resource, with all the people who take the time to comment with suggestions and tips about practice as well as health and IBS issues. We are a real community, on the mat and in cyberspace. Wihtout cyberspace, Susananda would never have been able to encourage me to YP and Cary’s beautiful teaching.

Home at 4pm and straight into practice. First day back after a day off and massage last night, a bit stiff, but not a bad practice that somehow ended up taking an hour and three quarters. I am pretty rapid through to Navasana now, but after that things slow down, what with 4 attempts at Supta K, one legal, three criminal! Then all the extra backbends before Urdva Dhanurasana, but I like doing them, though wish my house was a bit warmer, my body seems to play along better in the nice heat of the shala. After backbends I ran down to the kitchen to throw my cornbeef hash in the oven, it said 25 minutes on the packet, which was just enough time to finish practice including some actual Ardha Sirsasana practice and a Savasana.

I plan a nice chilled out evening watching a film and drinking tea, before a busy weekend. Saturday its shopping and an appointment with Alison’s scissors, my hair needs chopping. Then Sunday its up in the dark to practice at YP, I will have a lovely long Savasana after, with no need to rush off as I have 4 hours until the afternoon 2nd series workshop, I bet I sleep well that night.


4 Responses to “Awesome-Unlike my practice”

  1. annabella Says:

    Do you find that practice in the evening is easier or harder than in the morning? I was just talking to a friend (LI Ashtangini) about this, and we were saying we both prefer to practice in the morning because we feel lighter, although I know others find a greater degree of flexibility in the evening.

    Have a great night!

  2. Kevin Says:

    I can see why you think you would be lighter in the mornings, but I wonder if you weighed yourself in the morning and evening just how much difference there would be. I just find I am incredibly stiff in the mornings, in Bali I was getting up an hour before practice just to stretch and try and get moving. Heat makes a difference, on Sundays at the Shala, if its warm in there, even when its early I have a good practice. I think my optimum time to practice is around 11am, when I have been moving around and 4 hours after breakfast. Practice in the early evening when I get home is quite good, as my body has been moving all day.

  3. susananda Says:

    I like to practise before breakfast, but I take a shower to warm up (don’t shower after). I actually weigh at least a couple of pounds more in the evening.

    Won’t be seeing you again tomorrow due to the difficulty of getting there… have a nice weekend!

  4. Kevin Says:

    After Anna’s comment I weighed myself last night, 9st 10lbs, this morning before I practised I was still 9st 9lbs, so only a pound (half a kg).

    Shame you cant make it again, this central line work is a pain.

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