I am aching after practice this morning, I did the standing poses, then concentrated on twists and backbends in the hope of opening things up in anticipation of tomorrow afternoons 2nd series workshop, though tomorrow mornings Primary at the Shala will probably do that job. The left lower side of my back is really aching, I need to get back into the stretches the Osteopath had me doing, yes thats better, I just did the seated one, mid blog. Its been a busy morning, doing the washing, going to town to shop and get my hair cut back to what Alison terms “wash & go” length, then back home to peg the washing out in the sunshine and get on my mat for 90 minutes. Despite the sun, its still chilly and I really need heat to practice and open up.

Like a lot of the country I am waiting for the England match to begin, domestic dross and practice done, it will soon be time sit down in front of the TV and hopefully see some goals as Borat’s Kazakstan capitulate, or maybe not, no doubt Wembley will be populated by lots of people in dodgy wigs, though I hear the police have banned “mankinis”!


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